«OFFICIAL» Watercraft / Jet Ski / PWC Thread + Boats


Yeah, not saying you are, but that’s why the Sheriff is out there. I’m sure they get complaints constantly because you can’t spend 30 minutes at a boat launch without at least one jet ski deciding even with hundreds of square miles of waterway the spot they just have to fuck around is right in front of the boat launch docks.


Actually it’s 100’ from shore ( Page 63: http://nysparks.com/recreation/boating/documents/NYSBoatersGuide.pdf ) just to keep our rules bickering going :slight_smile:

It’s 10mph when 500’ from a swimming area and a lot of people confuse Gallagher beach as a swimming area. Most people see the skis but they have no perception of how far from shore they really are, or how fast they’re going. So the guy who’s kids are swimming in a marked non-swimming area or throwing sticks to his dog off the launch bitches that a ski is “going too fast” when they’re under 10mph and 300+ feet from shore.

They kayaks are the worst there though. Buoys were added to section off more than half of the beach from jetski traffic and they STILL complain about the traffic coming in and out from the small portion that remains at the launch.

Fortunately for me I go out when the weather is bad so the place is deserted, lol.

Here’s a nice shot of @bing from this week:


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Yeah I’m pretty sure I mentioned this when I saw you out there last. They pulled @King over for it 2 years ago.

I have 2 sets of numbers I don’t need if you want to move them. It wound’t be hard to do.


Yea, you did, I just haven’t made it a priority…and sure, throw them in an envelope and drop them in my mailbox down the block, haha…



Finally got my 70 mph mark tonight


Inside or outside of the wall? That’s movin:tup:


This was in the river. Since the speed limit issue by the wall, I like running west river starting at strawberry island.


Saw a few folks inside the wall down by the wind farm running pretty hard yesterday afternoon.


Yep, I’ll second this. Never any traffic and the water is usually like glass.


Yeah, saw a bunch of fast stuff running the river north of the train bridge there this weekend


Planning to do the Doo tonight…


Actually that’s not a bad idea, is it by your front door?

5 foot waves this afternoon :tup:

I can’t make it out though.


Thinking about meeting you out there

Nevermind. A little rough, even for the new joint.


“Small craft advisory” doesn’t apply to you anymore, you want to watch for the “big craft advisory.” :slight_smile:


Bah. 5’ is still annoying. Drinks fall over, fridge contents get scrambled up, pillows scatter.


Helicopter gets jostled about it’s landing pad, servants get seasick… I get it.



So, turns out that we’re not going to be running this up to Ontario for another week or so. Might get out tomorrow afternoon/evening if anyone wants to meet up.



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This is the most First World Problems post I have ever seen.


I suppose I should have put that in that thread, but forgot about it until now.


I never made it out last night, went to my garage, started detailing the Esprit and just never stopped. Will be out tonight…


What’s the minimum sized boat that one should buy to make it safer when the waves get big in lake Erie?

I want to buy a boat next year, never owned one before but I’ve been around them.