«OFFICIAL» Watercraft / Jet Ski / PWC Thread + Boats


^ Were you out cruising down the river last Sunday?


Nope, but there’s another 380DA that looks almost identical to ours that we saw across from Dockside the same day we had the survey done.

Closing on it tomorrow, but likely won’t make the trip up North until next week sometime.


nah, you’ll be fine, one of my neighbors had a 50 foot cruiser up until this year. We have about 5 feet of depth at the end of the dock, but the dock is only about 30 feet long from the high water mark.

Weeds will probably be more of an issue on the east side of the island. If it’s a concern just come around the west side of Eagle, we’re on the south east corner.


Where the heck is Eagle Island?


Sodus Bay. It’s midway between Rochester and Oswego on lake Ontario.


Yep. Sort of grew up there. Lots of good times on that bay during younger days.

And yeah, you’re right, on that corner, doesn’t look too scary.


Deal is done. Took it out for the first time yesterday. Lot of mass to move around, but oddly easier to dock than my 24.


This is why I want twins when I upgrade


Was out last night on my Doo, launched at Gallagher, rode into the lake, under the Peace Bridge to my buddy’s boathouse on Grand Island, and eventually worked my way back…made pit stops at Strawberry Island each way to take in the views…water was a bit rough, but it is always a good time…my machine is running so well…very happy with it…


Dammm man, that’s a good size boat :tup: Congrats !


Joe,I wonder if you were one of the half dozen wake jumpers I picked up on the way north on my first solo cruise today. Dudes latched onto us hard for about five miles.

Thanks Jeller. Whole experience is pretty surreal still


I jumped many a wave, but I was not in a group with anyone…I’m more of a solo rider…will post some shots of my machine soon…it has come a long ways since I have gotten it…


I feel like next year I want to buy a boat. Seems like it must have been an amazing year for boating!


Excellent year for boating. I just spend a week in Muskoka, jet skiing for hours each day… I’m actually kinda exhausted, lol.


I doubt we’ll see another boating summer this good for a long time. You can usually find 1 or 2 days per week in the summer that are great boating days but this summer it was basically a guaranteed good boating day 7 days a week.


Was out again yesterday on my Doo…water was busy/rough, but had a nice time as usual…got boarded by the Sheriff for being more than “5” mph from shore and for having my reg. #'s in the wrong spot…when he saw I was legal and legit, he sent me on my way…also confirmed that they are NOT enforcing the 10 mph limit within in the break wall, but the Coast Guard IS…


Not a shock there, Erie County Sheriff’s have always been pretty cool.


Yeah, they were ok, I was a little annoyed though that he stopped me, since people were ripping around like crazy all around us…when I leave to take off from Gallagher, I’m not going 5, but I’m prob. not doing more than 10 either…these old 2-stroke machines do not really like to idle for extended periods of time…


Bottom line man, the law is no more than 5 within 75’ of shore. If your machine can’t handle idling that long you’ve got problems.

If so many jetskiers weren’t assholes who felt the need to play right in front of the launch I’m sure the Sheriff wouldn’t be out there. I was ready to plow one kid over with my boat coming in Sunday who was just sitting in front of the Niawanda launch playing around. Thankfully another boater went over and yelled at him about calling the cops and the kid took off.


My machine CAN handle it, and is running better than it ever has, but extensive idling for these machines is just not good, plain and simple…

Re. the assholes that tool around in front of launches, I get that the Sheriff needs to look out for them, but I’m not one of those people. I stay away from shores, and tool around far, far away from everyone…