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@Wahoo Lake Erie can get really sketchy FAST when there is bad weather. Honestly I’d never want to go out in serious waves unless I’m in a sailboat or on my ski. I can just imagine getting swamped while on anything else. That’s not to say people don’t do it though. I’ve seen some guys out there in the big waves with some real small boats. But most turn around after a few minutes.

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Also there are some nice waves coming tomorrow -> Sunday. But I’m nursing a hurt thumb… which is something necessary to have in good condition out there. Boooo.


Why a sailboat?


Yes I would water test a boat I was seriously interested in, probably more for engine performance and outdrive purposes than actual hull leaks etc… What a lot of boats come down to is maintenance, so a High end boat that is poorly maintained can be a real headache, and a properly maintained lower end boat can be fine. I personally like Sea Rays, Cobalts, Regals, Chaparal etc and avoid 80s and early 90s bayliners (2000s + are better) some 80s chris crafts and sunbirds etc… For I/O driven boats most of the engines are pretty basic but the Outdrives require maintenance annually (inspection and drive oil change) and most drives should have the raw water impelled changed every other year (if it gets worm out the engine overheats and gets trashed) and the outdrive bellows at least every 5-6 years, somtimes sooner if they are dry rotted. If these things are neglected things get crazy expensive fast. As far as outdrives to avoid, most aren’t bad but I was avoid omc stringers and mercruiser alpha 1’s when driven by a 7.4l big block. I would PASS on saltwater boats and boats that are starting to rot (soft spongy floors and soft transoms) so boats are def buyer beware. You can get some steals before winter tho.


Stability basically. I’ve been in some really heavy waves & wind that would likely have overturned anything else. It’s that giant counterweight of a keel which helps.



May try to get out tomorrow.


if its nice ill see you down there!


Bummer, never made it out this w/e, but will for sure sometime this week, maybe the w/e…


@SOLITUDE to cold?! The lake is still 76!

Also for those guys who want to extend their season into the playoffs (late September / October) I suggest getting a wet suit. As soon as I’m sure my hand isn’t fractured I’ll be out there again :tup:

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        @91MR2 I haven’t forgotten about those numbers. I can’t seem to find them though. I’ll look again today. If can can find them I’ll drop them at your house :tup:


Bubble tea up…





And forgot to mention earlier, but this is a great shot…boat looks great…


Pretty sure I broke the transom on my utility boat this weekend… cottage season may be ending sooner than expected this year.


I got overzealous with a sledge hammer. It’s probably just bruised or strained. But I can’t be riding without my throttle hand.


That sucks man…


This trip starts at 6am tomorrow. Should be interesting. Never navigated a lock before.

Hopefully there’s not a huge amount of shipping traffic.



You’ll be an expert at it by the end of this trip since there are so many to get from Erie to Ontario

Only lock I’ve been through was the little one right in Buffalo to bypass going under the Peace Bridge.


Planning to take my Sea Doo out tomorrow after work at Gallagher…hoping to get a few more sessions in, and get out there in October even (without a wet-suit)…


Got it moved Tuesday. 1 hour from Niagara River to Port Colburne, 1 hour from Port Weller to Wilson. 14 hours in the Welland Canal. Lot of shipping traffic. Still a cool experience.

Pulled into Port Colburne at 8:30 or so.

Had 2 other boats in our group.
This was the one behind us. Absolutely gorgeous. Getting moved from Chicago to South Carolina

Waited for barge to go by

Had some breffus

Waited for assbone to drive by


11:24am, time to go

And now 14 miles to the next lock…at 8kts

Get told by lock control to pull over and tie up a while (this was a theme for most locks)

Pull into lock

More waiting

8pm, waiting for last lock to clear

Leaving the Welland around 9:30

And now home in Wilson. 11pm


14 hours to go 24 miles from Port Colborne to Port Weller. That’s some efficiency right there.

Looks like a fun trip and well worth it to have your new toy. Going through a lock is one of those, “this is so cool” things the first time that quickly becomes a pretty boring sit and wait thing.


Agreed on most. I’d actually do it again, but not any time really soon. Had a couple of great guys with us. My marina owner, Kevin, and his guy Taz. Bunch of laughs, good food, good music, no drinks (thanks Canada). The only tie up that really sucked was the last one, since we knew at that point we’d be coming back dark. And man, was it dark. I finally gave up the sticks to Kevin after the last lock. He’s got a LOT more experience with night driving, radar, chart plotting, etc. We came back strong. Maybe 25-27kts the whole way. Both guys kept looking around commenting on how effing BLACK it was out.

It was nice Wednesday night to make the 12 minute drive up there from the house and just hang out and cook on it, rather than the 40 minute trek down to Harbour Place.