«OFFICIAL» Watercraft / Jet Ski / PWC Thread + Boats


Yeah man, you haven’t navigated in the dark until you’ve run the St. Lawrence from where I’m from, up in Quebec downstream from the Eisenhower locks. My wife and I go out around here after dark all the time with the boat and one time we were visiting family up there we took the boat to watch fireworks. On the way back she was like “how do you even know where we are, I can’t even see my hand a foot in front of my face”. I just laughed, so many hours boating up there as a kid I could probably run from the Eisenhower locks to my family’s summer place at Hopkins Point with a blindfold. She wasn’t too freaked out when we were following the shipping channel going buoy light to buoy light but the part at the end of the ride where we take a hard right between two island and drive 2.25 unmarked miles across the St. Lawrence to Hopkins Pointe she was sure I was lost.

I suppose sitting and waiting at the lock is a lot more fun on a boat like yours with a full galley than on a 21’ bowrider.


Nice, I was going to take the canal trip with my friend up to Wilson but couldn’t make it that day.


Nice trip/pics/write up!


And now it’s in its Winter home. Bummer too. Next few days look nice, but my guy needs to play some serious Tetris getting stuff into his storage buildings.

On a sad note, looks like a decent sized Carver in this story. Maybe a 35?



That’s gotta suck. “Honey I’m just going to drive by the boat and make sure everything is OK… oh crap!”


Probably a fitting behind a thru-hull failed. Even if the bilge could keep up eventually the battery dies and the water wins.


Most likely a torpedo. Been a lot of those going around lately.


I think a clown did it.


Planning to take my sea doo out tomorrow around 530 at Gallagher…


I WAS going to go out today but I’m now sick… so we’ll see how the rest of the week shapes up.


Hope you guys like boat launches - 8 lanes wide



Pulled this hoss out yesterday. 99 Sea Ray 400DA. 14’ beam, about 23k lbs.

Next, older Sea Ray 390 Sundancer.


^ I’m guessing they weren’t towing it far considering now wide load chase cars.


Just from the park boat launch on the West end of the bay, around Wilson to either his storage buildings near Woodcock or the parking lot of Wilson Boathouse restaurant.

I was playing chase car though.


That and the trailer about maxes out that 3500 haha


Let me try again - our new launch at buffalo harbor. I recommend stopping by, the outer wall is pretty nice. The boat launches below are pretty wild - 8 lanes wide. Each lane was 12 concrete trucks worth.

Can’t figure out how to embed an image still


Was out last night for about an hour, water was beautiful, pretty smooth and still warm…hoping to get out one or 2 more times if possible…


Where exactly is this? Down the street from Gallagher beach? Any info on cost? Looking for an alternative launch site for next season.


It’s he south end of the old small boat harbor, now buffalo harbor state park. No clue on cost


I’m riding tomorrow :tup: