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Maybe I’ll see you out there…


I’ll keep you posted. We might be doing Sturgeon Point OR head to Canada depending on the wave direction.


New transom is in. It’s kind of shocking how negatively the minor amount of flex in the transom was affecting performance on such a small boat.


Unfortunately, if I get out there, it will be at Gallagher around 530, and will prob. only be out for about an hour due to daylight…


Looks like it’s going to be a calm day so I think we’re doing Sturgeon. There is some wave action on the Canada side but nothing worth the drive for.


Surprisingly awesome waves at Sturgeon today, I’m in pain, lol. :tup:


I had a nice ride out there myself tonight too…

Also did a compression test the other day on my machine…stock is 155-160 from the factory…I have 150 in each cylinder! Could not believe it. Should get many more seasons out of it…

In the meantime, I have a spare motor that I picked up from an identical '89 like mine. Going to freshen up / do a light build on it over the winter…stay tuned…



And as of today, Wilson Boatyard Marina is empty of boats. Pulled, and blocked the last 6 today. 2 of my model, for a total of 4 in storage. Glad to know 3 are Canadian, so I still have the only one in Wilson.

Good n tight

Mine here on the right. 38’ Formula on the left

Few more to go

Winterized this ridiculously clean 97 Donzi

2 year newer version of my boat. Slightly updated graphics and fonts. Slightly different accent colors. I do like the black canvas. Mine is tan. Not worth the massive changeover cost though.

This is a seriously well kept, and updated boat. For sale. $60k CDN asking. You’d think it was a 10 year old boat at first glance. It’s a '99.

And all 41 slips are now empty. About 100 boats pulled and stored over the past month. Definitely a bunch of work.



I currently have a trailer stored 24’ like your old boat. Thinking of maybe upgrading in a few years but I’m worried about costs once I have to pay for storage like that.

Are you willing to share a rough ballpark cost for getting it taken out / winterized stored, etc.?


@bracketracer I was at the marina that day (last week? two weeks ago?) when the wind was gusting 50mph. It was insane! My friend’s sailboat was sitting at 30 degrees most of the time. Snapped two lines. White caps IN the channel. And when the wind blew the water out to the lake, it rushed back in as a good 3’ wave.

On another note I’ve been looking for one more day to go out on the ski. Looks like next Tuesday might be it :tup:


Obviously, it depends on whether you want it winterized/wrapped/stored outside or in heated indoor storage. Obviously, indoor heated is more, but not significantly so, since there is a LOT to winterize on the larger boats (fresh water systems, waste system, ice makers, AC units, and so on).

Then size comes into play, but it’s not exactly linear either. Here’s a really good example of a price sheet: http://cdnmedia.endeavorsuite.com/images/organizations/9266672a-189c-4060-a36a-9fe2cb828007/Storage%20rates%202016-2017%20published.pdf

But, to condense it down a bit, I’ll give a couple of examples. Retail storage on a boat like mine, including haul out, blocking, jacking, and everything necessary from haul out to launch, is approximately $3600. For something like that for-sale 4 Winns I pictured above (1999 328 Vista, 35ft LOA, 11’ beam), it’s closer to $2600.

If you’re somewhat handy mechanically, and can do your own drive service and winterization, the costs are quite a bit less. I’d leave shrink wrapping to a pro though.

Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t have gone out that day. It was pretty windy when we were pulling boats Monday, enough to make getting them on the trailer a challenge, but nowhere near that speed. Yeah, F that.


I just may join you…but can it be done without a wet-suit?


Water temperature just dipped into the 50’s so I’m done for the season :frowning:

I’m cool with 60 and a wet suit. You’d definitely want a suit in the lower 60s though.


Ehh, bummer man…I’ll likely put mine away Sunday then…50’s are tough without a suit I’m sure…


Very informative, thank you.


No prob. Been learning a lot about this business over the past 6 months.


Remember not to get high & get drunk while boating…


Wisniewski Sentenced to 2-4 Years for Deadly Boating Accident

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) A Tonawanda man will spend the next two to four years in prison for a deadly boating accident in 2015.

In November, a jury convicted 51 year old Jeffrey Wisniewski of Criminally Negligent Homicide, two counts of Operating a Vessel While Under the Influence of Alcohol, Endangering the Welfare of a Child and Unlawful Possession of Marihuana for the boat crash on Ellicott Creek in the Town of Tonawanda that claimed the life of 16-year old Avery Gardner of Lockport.
Erie County DA John Flynn says Wisniewski owned the boat and was riding in it when it crashed on June 11, 2015. The boat was being driven by then17-year-old Gregory Green of North Tonawanda who was intoxicated, under the influence of marihuana and operating the boat at a high rate of speed. As the boat went under a footbridge, Gardner’s head struck the footbridge, causing her death.

“What’s unique about this case is this is one of the few cases you’ll find across New York state where someone is actually charged and convicted of criminally negligent homicide at trial,” says Flynn. “That charge is a very complex charge. The court of appeals struggle with the negligent component, and our ADAs and Town of Tonawanda Police did an outstanding job putting together a pattern of behavior the jury can comprehend.”

The now 19-year-old Green pleaded guilty to Criminally Negligent Homicide and Vehicular Manslaughter and was sentenced to six months in jail and five years probation.



Docks are going in at the outer harbor FYI.


"Dear Slip Holders:

As I am sure you are aware, last season, the local law enforcement and U.S. Coast Guard began enforcing the 10 M.P.H. speed zone in the outer harbor as well as the 6 M.P.H. zone in the inner harbor. These speed limits have been on the books for quite some time, however, due to the increase in paddle boat (non-motorized) personal watercraft activity in and around the outer harbor, the speed has been strictly enforced by directive. For many years, boaters have enjoyed the outer harbor for boating and water sports when the lake is too choppy. This recent enforcement has put a curb on these activities forcing people out into the lake in less than ideal conditions.

Many boaters have expressed their displeasure with the new enforcement. Therefore, the Coast Guard has recently enacted this survey to hear what the boating population thinks. The following statement and link was forwarded to us by one of our fellow slip holders to distribute to all Erie Basin Marina members. We feel that this is an important issue which deserves attention.

Coast Guard Sector Buffalo is considering changing or removing the speed limits listed in 33 Code of Federal Regulations Part 162.165 of 10 MPH on the Buffalo Outer Harbor and 6 MPH on the Inner Harbor. As such, they are soliciting for feedback from the boating public. There are two ways to provide your feedback; either complete the attached survey and follow the instructions at the bottom to email it back or go to the below link, complete the survey and click submit. They will also be posting the survey and the link onto the Sector Buffalo Homeport page as well as possibly doing a press release. The more feedback they get, the better they will understand the public’s boating needs. Feel free to also pass this survey along to anyone else who may be interested in filling it out. We ask that surveys be completed by April 1, 2017. Your feedback will assist us in keeping both the Inner and Outer Harbors a safe and enjoyable waterway for boating activities. Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter.


Please take the time to either complete the survey through the link provided or print and email the survey supplied in the attachment."

Trying to get this limit removed. Any of the boat dudes on here need to fill out the form and email it toD09-SMB-SECBuffalo-WWM@uscg.mil


What area is considered the inner harbor? I’m thinking it’s the area past the Coast Guard station going up into Canalside right?