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I believe so. It was not 100% clarified, so I said do away with them all just to be safe.


I voted repeal the outer but leave the inner as is. Having a no wake zone for the inner makes sense, assuming where I’m talking about is the inner harbor.


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Yeah, inner harbor should be a no wake zone. Just out to the light house.


Ok, so that map confirmed what I thought. Repeal the stupid outer harbor speed limit, leave the inner as it is and basically everything goes back to working just as it has for the last 50+ years.


Done :tup:

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I voted on this in the afternoon…to abolish the ridiculous outer harbor speed limit…keep the inner harbor limit…


I’m back in Erie Basin this year. We’ll see how this year goes, but with a move to our new house with a pool, it might be the last year for us.


Done. Agreed with outer harbor for my top speed runs at 40mph, and the inner for the chill time.


submitted through surveymonkey for y’all


What are the odds it looks like this one day? Would be pretty awesome…


Shots from yesterday’s storm:




Did the survey. Doesn’t really affect me since I’m on Ontario, but I understand the idiocy of the low speed limit in the outer, yet am completely fine with the 5kt inner harbor limit.


I see how it is. Once your boat is over 30ft you simply have to use knots instead of MPH huh? :wink:


Should have heard the shit I caught when I called that area with the fridge, sink and stove a kitchen. The horror.


Well, he did say he’s in Ontario, so maybe it’s a Canadian thing… Silly metric system