«OFFICIAL» Watercraft / Jet Ski / PWC Thread + Boats



Ran 83.5 with @Willybeen


Water has been REAL flat the last few days.

Went out to Sturgeon Point on Wednesday to mess around:


Took the boat out for a little cruise last night and thought it was Josh retrieving a ski at the Erie Basin launch next to Templeton Landing last night. Range similar to his and a guy who looked a bit like him but when we got closer realized it wasn’t.

Not a great night out on the water honestly. Winds were out of the north and the river was whitecaps from the canal entrance in Tonawanda all the way to Strawberry Island. The lake and Buffalo Habor were actually a lot calmer than the river because of the odd wind direction.


Just look for the NYSpeed stickers, lol.


Uhh… you can tell this video is old but holy crap! The guy is doing barrel rolls on the Niagara River rapids:


Makes you wish those guys had drones and gopros back then.

Also makes me wonder how much flotation foam they had to add to those skis to float their gigantic balls.


You say this, but some of these high powered builds remove the hull foam to fit exhaust, etc. So they might even be doing this with less buoyancy.


ha yeah, and the modern ones now are all custom built carbon fiber hulls that are TINY. Definitely zero foam in any modern pro or semi-pro hull.


Spent some time on Lake George this week. Anyone else boat there before? My impressions were both good and bad, lol.


Sunset Bay was pure entertainment on Sunday. One guy had this bayliner Capri that he launched but wouldn’t start. It definitely looked like it had been stored outside and uncovered for the past 30 years, no joke. Even with a jump box on it and a charger with a newer battery it wouldn’t crank. Another guy was backing in his trailer with his newer Silverado (prolly a 16-17) and dented the right front pretty good when he smashed into the dock on the launch. Another girl on a jetski was tied up at the launch dock for then entire time I came in, tied off, cleaned off the boat, had a cleat moved by the marina staff, covered everything etc (let’s say 45min). Another guy got on a jetski with his girlfriend (they looked like a couple) and pushed off. Then comes “how do I start this thing” as they are floating down the creek. “Is it clicking when you push the button?” I saw a couple of people (one trailer with 2 skis, another a boat) driving around the lot dragging multiple ratchet straps. Crazy


That’s wild stuff.

This whole week I’m assuming almost everywhere will be crazy. I had the thought to ride today, but decided against it for numerous reasons.


We went out pretty early, had lunch at River Works then swam out in the lake. Back on the trailer by 2:30 and the river was getting pretty busy.


lol Jay Z:


This looks awesome!


Quick question. I have a buddy that got a jet ski through trades, doesn’t run, dead battery. Apparently it says “DO NOT JUMP” right on it, anyone know why you can’t jump them with a car? 12v is 12v.


Because the ski doesn’t have an alternator system to charge it, it uses a magneto or some other system that could get ruined.

Besides that, if the battery is dead now the charging system probably won’t be able to keep it going enough to ride on the water and reliably re-start then engine after a jump start. Just for peace of mind I’d remove the battery and try to recover it with a trickle charger first. If that can’t recover the battery then just replace it.

You don’t want to be on the water with a dead battery!


Also LOL:


Hmm alright. It was just to see if the engine was even any good before putting a hundred dollar battery in it.

I’ve jumped motorcycles and quads with cars before and those don’t have alternators. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I’ve never personally done it because people all over the web say it’s a big no-no:

2 Amps is a fairly quick charge rate for these small watercraft batteries. The key is that the charger should be a smart type that detects when the battery is fully charged and switches to a float or maintenance mode when the battery reaches near full charge. Some car sized chargers may not properly detect this when charging a small battery. There is a real risk of damaging the electronics in the watercraft when boosting it from a vehicle. It happens. The best method is to use a small charger that is modern and reliable with these batteries. Choose a charger that is AGM compatible and you will then be able to upgrade your battery to a sealed AGM type when the time comes to buy a new battery.

Can I Jump My battery on my Jet Ski?
NO! Do not jump your battery on your Jet Ski from your car battery. Whatever you do don’t, I REPEAT, do not hook your car battery up to your Jet Ski!!! This will overcharge the system and fry your electrical and electronics on Jet Ski’s are not Cheap. Let me say this one more time since it happens too often, DO NOT JUMP YOUR JET SKI BATTERY!!!