«OFFICIAL» Watercraft / Jet Ski / PWC Thread + Boats


Not looking forward to filling up 200 gallons.

On another note, ill probably run it as-is this summer just to get used to it. I want to wrap the hull and ditch the pink and purple.


Defend Buffalo graphics?


Nah. Just want to dial down the crazy colors and update the look. Probably wrap the hull in plain gloss white and incorporate some of the red. Like this Powerplay’s scheme:

but then add back the Powerplay Racing logo like this:



^^ Nice. I’m interested to see how it turns out. My friend has been talking about wrapping his sailboat, but it stays in the water all season so I’m not sure how it would hold up.


Very nice! Want to race my 383 inches of Chevy power?


@Scott is this you?

My friend is nearby, 2nd row in on the floaters this year:

Also @bracketracer it’s almost that time too, hopefully the water levels on Ontario are normal this year, lol.


Mine is still in the barn waiting for my SeaDek to get installed. Few other odds and ends to deal with, and it should go in maybe Thursday


Holy shit…


First day on the water today, Gallagher was a shit show though. Little kids playing and swimming in the launch area… one ran right in front of me when I was pulling out!

Water was colder than expected but damn refreshing. :+1:


The new LED Peace Bridge lights:

EDIT: Not sure why my phone kind of freaked out a couple times with the lights. Gonna go all BED and assume it’s some government jamming since I was shooting video of a bridge between two government buildings in different countries.


Finally went in last Thursday


Which one of you is this?


Not me. On a related note… always use your transom straps. :slight_smile:



Ran 80.3 on GPS. Working on some more mph


Where did you run it? Inside the wall? I won’t rat on ya… There were quite a few kayaks out in the shipping lane during the holiday weekend so stay safe out there!

By the way if you want to quote someone, highlight the text you want to quote (works on mobile too) and tap the quote icon that pops up :+1:


There were a ton of boats running way more than no wake speed behind the wall the day we were there so I said fuck it and cruised along at 35 too. Damn the man! #ResistSpeedLimits


Inside break wall, going from small boat harbor towards Erie Basin. They are not enforcing the speed limit.

I was boarded by the coast guard for safety inspection. I asked about the speed limit and we can go any speed we want as long as it’s safe for other boaters. “You are responsible for your wake”.

Im hoping to squeeze out 83-85 and just call it a day. Every mph more gets exponentially more expensive.


I did see one police boat out there, but he had a sailboat pulled over. So that guy was definitely not speeding, lol.


At 80+mph I’m sure your wake is about the same as a canoe. :slight_smile:

Good to hear the Coasties aren’t enforcing that. Now we just need confirmation from the 8 other police agencies that cruise WNY waters. lol


Starting off the week right :ok_hand: