«OFFICIAL» Watercraft / Jet Ski / PWC Thread + Boats


Not looking forward to filling up 200 gallons.

On another note, ill probably run it as-is this summer just to get used to it. I want to wrap the hull and ditch the pink and purple.


Defend Buffalo graphics?


Nah. Just want to dial down the crazy colors and update the look. Probably wrap the hull in plain gloss white and incorporate some of the red. Like this Powerplay’s scheme:

but then add back the Powerplay Racing logo like this:



^^ Nice. I’m interested to see how it turns out. My friend has been talking about wrapping his sailboat, but it stays in the water all season so I’m not sure how it would hold up.


Very nice! Want to race my 383 inches of Chevy power?


@Scott is this you?

My friend is nearby, 2nd row in on the floaters this year:

Also @bracketracer it’s almost that time too, hopefully the water levels on Ontario are normal this year, lol.


Mine is still in the barn waiting for my SeaDek to get installed. Few other odds and ends to deal with, and it should go in maybe Thursday


Holy shit…