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Used the boat 2x this year…

Might take off Friday and hit the lake before wedding festivities.


Went out a grand total of 9 times this year and of those 9 times, at least 5 of them were in wind over 12mph. Not a great boating season overall


Went out both days this past weekend. Best conditions all year.

Did some bilge cleaning. Can go down there barefoot now


Yeah, got the family and some friends out on Ontario out of Irondequoit Saturday. Rare to see Ontario so calm.


Ice boom is coming out today :tup:



Moved the boat from it’s winter storage at my mom’s back to my garage back on 4/1. Mostly just because the cover had some water pooling on it because a support I put inside the boat collapsed and instead of fixing it I just moved it to it’s summer home in the garage. Gonna be a while before our first trip. I did see a FB memory pop up on 4/3 when it was 85 degrees and we were out on the boat a few years ago though. 4/3 this year I would have needed an icebreaker.


Taking a year off from the slip this year. Between shitty lake weather and the first year with our pool, we barely used it last year. I guess the silver lining is that the times that we do decide to use it, the production of getting it in the water will force us to start early and take better advantage of the day.


How big is your boat? I can launch and retrieve my 21’er faster than most people can load all their stuff for a day on the water from their car to their slipped boat. Not having to worry about leaving valuables in the boat and having to load/unload them every time is a nice advantage of storing it at home.

The boat is 95% packed and ready to go at all times, basically just have to toss in the cooler and a boat bag with some towels etc. We get to the launch, I pop the trailer straps off the stern and disconnect the bow winch. While I’m doing that the wife is grabbing a bow and stern line. Back in and let the boat float off the trailer while the wife holds the lines and pull the trailer out without even stepping out of the car, park straight ahead at one of the open spots at Niawanda, walk down and take off. I bet from the time we pull up with the car to the time we’re pulling away from the dock in the boat is less than 5 minutes.


+1. I don’t see what’s so hard about that. We do one better, I just have the wife drive the boat off the trailer and pick me up at the courtesy dock.

Also, gas is a lot cheaper on land and I never have to worry about filling with gas cans.


I mean, some people definitely make it harder. Lots of entertainment hanging out at a busy boat launch on a holiday weekend just people watching.

Couple of my personal favorites from over the years… Like these people:

Or this guy:



When I was up in Muskoka last year, the closest gas was at a marina… I think I was spending damn near $10 USD per gallon, lol.

Also, as for get-on-the-water-fast-prep, I always refuel, oil, etc AFTER returning from the lake. My skis are at all times ready to ride. And I keep all my gear in one go-bag. This way if I decide to ride I can be out there as quick as possible.


sigh yeah we have our fair share of idiots.

If anyone is on instagram, check out @thequalifiedcaptain.

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yeah I do the same, get gas on the way home so that I don’t have to kill time going out of my way for it after work.


@JayS when I back in with my hitch hauler I can go nearly that deep, especially on days with big waves. The look I get from people is priceless. I get a ton of “I’ve never seen that before” comments about how I launch from salty sea dogs, lol.


Same here. Plus it’s a lot easier to find room to park 40’+ of rig at a gas pump late in the evening when we’re coming home than around 5pm after work when we’re heading out. The ethanol free pump is in the middle of the island too which makes it extra fun if the station is busy. I’ll have to get a measurement of my total rig length, prop to front bumper. The Enclave alone is almost 17’ so with the trailer tongue and outdrive hanging off the back of the boat I bet I’m over 40’.


27’ here. You make some good points. Launching and loading aren’t an issue. The tow rig availability would be a little issue. My old truck with air ride would handle it fine, but my Tahoe w/o might struggle a little. Our shop F-250 pulls it like nothing, but our lead tech takes it home and the swapping would be a headache. Our other HD shop truck is getting up there in age and isn’t exactly what I’d want to haul the boat with.

My plan is to bring the boat home from work on a Friday (stored at work, don’t want it in my driveway full time), then bring it back in a Monday morning. The upside is definitely going to be being ready to sail once it’s in the water and cleaning/ stocking up at home. When at the slip, I’d have to spend about 30min minimum cleaning it. That I won’t miss. I won’t mind cleaning it in the driveway with the sun at home, but not when I’m itching to get on the water. Spider webs suck


Dry docking is the best way to go. It’s cheap and easy.

I bought a new boat, so this summer better get here ASAP.




33’ Powerplay
Twin 502 Mags bored to 509
12hrs on brand new power - Heads,Cam,Intake,Exhaust - should be 525HP each
400 original hours

This should run 80+mph and be able to handle everything the lake and river can throw at it.


Legit :tup:


Damn dude. Open it up and watch the gas gauge drop. :slight_smile: