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Wish I did, but don’t know a huge number of folks in that biz


Out floating a couple nights ago waiting for Olcott fireworks to kick off. Got stalked by pirates…

In the distance to the right of the radar

Cruising by


Best top speed for 2017


damn that’s scootin @Scott , what engine(s)?

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Perfect boating weather here in the Carolinas. Wake on the new boat is perfect.


Stock single 89 454 Magnum, Bravo 1 drive. Mirage 3 blade prop.

Running 93 octane only, advanced the timing 2 degrees, new cap and rotor, new fuel filter for this season.

It seems to be dialed in and maxed out and I don’t foresee it going any faster. I hope to step up into something bigger/faster in a year or so.


Awesome. How did you advance the timing? Just an adjustment on the distributor cap?


That is nice looking watersports wake. :tup:


Yes sir. Some old timers posted about it on the forums as a free way to pick up some speed/power, so I figured Id advance it and run only 93 in there just to be safe. So far so good.


@Scott Saw your boat cruise past Riverworks while we were having lunch Sunday.


Oh word? How’d she look?


Good, but small compared to most of the traffic going by. Crazy day to boat watch. Our 21’er was a dingy Sunday.


I hear you. Too many boats for my liking. I was fighting huge wakes from the cruisers on the river. Made for a rough morning so I bailed early.


West River below Beaver Island wasn’t bad. The big cruisers never seem to venture over there. The ride back to Niawanda was rough. Really surprised how many boats are still out this late into September. Most years I have the river basically to myself shortly after labor day. I guess everyone is holding out for a few more days after such a shitty boating summer.


I was bobbing around in Lake Erie, well beyond my comfort zone most days, it was so calm Sunday morning. Passed Scott at Canalside when he pussed out and went in. Docked across from Riverworks and lunched at Ballyhoo. Paid zero attention to the Bills. Got a sunburn. Channel 7 news paparrazi’d me. All in all a solid day on the water.




^ Shit, I thought that was you. Almost waved you down.

Where do you dock when you go to Ballyhoo? From the picture looks like you’re docked at Tewksbury? Is that just a public dock?


If there’s a spot at Tewksbury I’ll tie up. It’s public, but they want you to hang in that general area…which in my opinion Ballyhoo is close enough. There’s also a small section of dock right under the bridge that a small boat can tie to.

What’s the code of conduct for tieing off to other boats at a dock? I’ve always wondered, never done it.


I haven’t either. There’s generally a dockmaster working at Riverworks and he asked if it was cool to tie someone off me. He takes your phone number in case they need to shift things around. While we were eating lunch and boat watching it seemed like people would just ask if they saw someone on a boat that was tied up if they could tie off if the dockmaster was busy.


Mine still in the water, although most of the others at my dock are out. We’ll probably pull mine in a week or so. Unfortunately due to wife tearing her ACL and meniscus a month ago, and relatively crappy water conditions most weekends, I only had it out 8 times this year.

Still, was a pretty cool place to watch the fight a couple of weeks ago, until the stream crapped out 3 minutes before the main event started.


Every time I’ve been on the river this year it’s been choppy and not very nice for cruising around :meh:

The lake the last few days has been glass though :tup:

Some shots from this summer that I haven’t posted here:





That looks fun! Don’t know if my back would like falling off though