«OFFICIAL» Watercraft / Jet Ski / PWC Thread + Boats


So i was told that the launch at Gallagher beach (Now called Buffalo Harbor state park?) will be going in sometime in early June. I’m Starting to get the itch for hot sunny days out on the lake.

Anyone start getting ready for the season yet?!? Any new toys?

I’ll probably start getting my ski ready by the end of the month. Have been considering a small boat to pull tubes and wakeboard behind this year also.


Going out in about 20 minutes for the 4th time this year with the boat. First trip was really short though because my gimbal bearing was toast.


My boat’s going in tomorrow I believe (Erie Basin). It has been getting dewinterized at Olson Bros near NFTA. Just moved into a new house so it’s kind of been on the back burner. Looking forward to being on the water though!


Man, it was perfect out there last night. Had dinner with fam, caught a couple nice bass and just cruised around. Got cold when we went past Strawberry Island and started feeling the air off the lake but the rest of the river was nice.


Question for you guys:

I just renewed the registration for one of my ski’s for the first time. They sent me a transferable registration. I don’t want to keep the transferable registration on me just in case I lose it, etc. I had been previously given an un-transferable registration the first time around as well as a transferable one.

Is there a way to get a non-transferable registration to keep on the ski with me, and the transferable one at home?


Two sails this week and spent all afternoon on the ski. Great start to the summer :tup:


I’m finally in as of last Friday. Won’t take it out into the lake until this coming Saturday though.


I heard Ontario is a shitshow of debris because of the high water?


Yeah, I’d like to avoid running into a floating tree, so when I head out, it’s going to be slow going. Hopefully by the time we head up to the Trent, things will have cleared up a bit.

Docking this thing during a hard West wind sucked, since that pole that’s dead center in the above pic makes for a great pivot point against my rub strip. With the water level, that’s no longer a great plan


Tell me those are purple neons on the back of your boat @bracketracer


Arch and lower cockpit lights are White/red/blue/purple, switchable between colors.

Underwater transom lights are full spectrum RGB. When first switched on, they’ll automatically run through all colors in 20 seconds, after the first run through, they’ll go full cycle in 3 minutes. Quick switch off/switch on will hold whatever color is present at the time of switching.



Man that’s yachting as fuck


In regards to docking it, doesn’t it have fucking bow thrusters?

edit: and that looks baller as fuck!



No thruster. Gotta learn this the hard way. Still easier to deal with than my I/O 24.


Fair enough. When can I stop by and get 6 outta 10 drunk and have you tie me to the bow and cruise me around your marina while I heckle people?


I’m totally in for this. Cya tomorrow?


Had a great first run on the Sea Doo today (Saturday). Water felt great, machine ran perfect…hoping to get out Sunday too if it doesn’t rain…


Any of you dudes know someone/a place that can fix/replace a boat trailer axle?

I have 0 time for the boat right now and my only hope to get it out at any point this year is to fix the trailer, which is still in storage in South Buffalo.


Great news for US/Canada border boaters! This got it’s “Royal Assent” late last month. So basically the laws regarding crossing the border by boat go back to what worked for decades before Canada got all pissy in 2011. If you don’t go to shore or anchor you don’t have to report to customs.


@bracketracer might know a guy?

This is interesting. I spent the last few days in Canada and we sailed to Crystal Beach for the 4th. We’ve done this trip several times, always checked in as soon as we arrived and either docked at the Buffalo Yacht Club on the Canadian side or moored at the Canoe Club. We’d stay there overnight then in the morning anchor at a spot close to the beach, swim in, etc.

This was the first year we were told we could anchor but NOT go in to shore for any reason unless we checked in at an official port of entry first. Our question was well then WTF is everyone doing at the Buffalo Yacht Club then? Certainly it’s not a port of entry. Everyone is taking dinghy’s to shore or just walking to the beach.

There was a police boat out there but he seemed mostly concerned with wake boats pulling people. They clearly were NOT concerned by the endless stream of jetskis buzzing the swimming area & rope.

Good news though is the video phone for US check in at Erie Basin works again.