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Just a little money cruising the canal last night. Yeah, that’s QUAD 350 Verados. Still gotta feel bad that he couldn’t afford the quad 400 Verados that are an option on that boat.

Boat name checks out.

fuuuccckkk that’s sick

Was playing around on the configurator and was over $600k in no time just based on the options I could see.

I mean, one 350 Verado is $27k so that’s $108k just hanging off the transom, before you color match them.

Seems pretty dumb around here. Be a nice rig if you lived in S. Florida and wanted to run to Cuba or the Bahamas a lot. Going from Buffalo to sunset bay is like trying to use a fast RC boat in your bathtub with 1400 hp.

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This is a south Florida rig:

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Interesting for anyone on the water in Canada:

"It’s in my view from a common sense perspective, canoeing is an extremely dangerous activity even in favourable conditions,” he wrote. “In many ways the risks and dangers involved in canoeing are greater than those involved in driving a motor vehicle such that impairment caused by the consumption of alcohol and marijuana can and often do cause serious bodily harm and death.”

Basically drinking / smoking weed while on the water, even if you’re not in a motorized vessel, can result in charges.

Those Seven Marine motors are amazing. That’s literally an LSA turned into an outboard.

Grass Island drama:

Only NYS could take an island that didn’t even exist until the 60’s when dumping from a dredging project created it from nothing in 12-15’ deep waters and claim it’s critical to the environment of the Niagara and try banning the 100’s of people who enjoy it every weekend.

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Oh, also:

the 1952 ferrari arno XI racing boat was built to shatter the speed record in the 800-kg class. achille castoldi had been setting records on water since 1940, and to achieve the record, he commissioned cantieri timossi to build a 3-point hydroplane from hardwood, covered in mahogany veneer. when enzo heard he had painted the upper body in ferrari red, the scuderia F1 team was sent to lend their expertise. this culminated in a world record in the flying kilometer: 150.40 miles per hour, which still stands to this day.

at first, castoldi had planned to use a ferrari engine, so he purchased a 4.5L V12. when enzo understood he was going for the record, he realized they needed more power. using lessons learned on the track, they nearly doubled the compression ratio to handle methanol. a hotter spark was needed, so the distributors and coils were replaced by twin magnetos. each cylinder had twin spark plugs to ensure a clean burn. it wasn’t enough, so two giant superchargers were driven by the crankshaft. each one had its own weber 4-barell modified to dump meth into the engine with an air/fuel ratio of 5:1. what started at 385 horsepower made between 550 and 600 in race tune.

Thanks @Josh for the boater safety hookup! Got my license a few weeks ago, added it to my enhance adventure ID so I have the anchor now along with my deer for my lifetime sportsmen license lol. It’s like collecting stamps.

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It didn’t really look that bad all summer, but I guess that ice tsunami really hurt it:

Wow, I didn’t notice any issues with it this summer. I figured if we got a real strong SW wind (which happened last night) we’d get more damage than usual because the water was already at record levels. Add in the seiche that happens with a SW wind (picture Lake Erie as a bathtub and someone at the Cleveland end keeps lifting the tub in the air sloshing the water to our end) and it’s a real mess.

I know the lake level dropped a little going into the fall compared to when I shot the video several posts up early in the summer but we took a run to Riverworks in early Oct and the water levels are still well above normal.

It was 33 inches higher than normal early in the summer, which was a record. It’s now “only” 28 inches higher than normal.


The seiche added another 10" to that so you’re talking about pushing the lake to 38" above normal. Not a big surprise some of these walls start failing at that point. I heard on the news on the way to work this morning that Dunkirk’s new multi-million dollar breakwall got fuuuuuucked.

They JUST built that:

One of the shorter break walls has a huge hole in it. Spotted it when I was on the 190 today. Not the one you can walk on but the one further out.

wouldn’t it be great if you boat owners didn’t have to buy fuel at all?

Not sure how fast it could go, but it’s an interesting idea:

I could see this being scaled up for cargo ships but it will never work for recreational boats. Let me cover every square inch of my bowrider in solar panels and stick a couple wind turbines on it. Still a pretty cool idea. It doesn’t take all that much power, relatively, to keep a massive cargo ship moving once you get it up to speed.

I want a jet pump that also converts water to hydrogen fuel, then fuels a jetski. Although I can imagine the videos on Qualified Captain where skis already go out of control and slam into things, lol.

Mousseau admitted he owned a submarine seized by U.S. Border Patrol agents on April 23 from the Zug Island shoreline, according to the affidavit.