Ok, Long Distance Relationships...

Ok, well. Let me give everyone a scenario. This is for a friend of mine :snky:

Guy meets girl. Guy and girl click right away. Girl is absolutely gorgeous. Guy starts to have a thing for girl. Seems like girl has thing for guy. Problem is…guy lives in Buffalo and the girl lives in rochester. Guy has a car, girl doesn’t. Do you think as 18 year olds that they would be able to work things out and have a long distance relationship. The girl is going to college in Batavia though (GCC). So thats a lil closer than Rawchester. Do you think as college students they would be able to work things out, and compromise. My friend is willing to drive to rochester to see her all the time, if thats what it comes down to.

What do you guys think, and from personal experince.

Newman shut up about doing her at the dinner table… :slight_smile:

Buffalo and Rochester is NOT long distance. My girl is 5 hours away by plane which pretty much spans half the US and the Carribean. That is long distance.

If your said friend and the girl can’t work through it when they are an hours apart by car, they shouldn’t be with each other.

In a word, NO.

Long distance relationships (almost) never work out unless there is a substantial relationship built before it went long distance. Besides, being 18, it doesnt have much chance of lasting past a month either way.

edit: on second thought… anyone even thinking about relationships at that age is missing out!

i had one, we broke up… Maybe it’s the buffalo/Rochester thing.

im currently in another and its going great… it sucks being apart… I see her about twice a month if im lucky. But when we are together we are like rabbits :slight_smile: It all depends how you can handle it/ how high maintenance the people in the relationship are/ how serious they are about each other. If a couple can get through a long distance relationship they are golden

long distance relationship --> suck



I know I could never have had a long distance relationship… I get depressed when I don’t see Brandon for 3 days. :stuck_out_tongue:

And like others have said, Buffalo and Roch. aren’t that far away.

focus of that statement should be this: 18

fuck relationships

lay the pipe all over town

:word: i agree

I Was with a girl for almost 3 years… now i’m 21 my priority is to get drunk as much as possible work as much as possible get my degree … fuck who I Want when I want

that should be their focus right now, and then the relationship comes last. If it’s meant to be they will be able to work through the distance.

G/L either way

damn, i hope i can be like that…seems like an enjoyable moment of life…

but…never able to do so…hm…

beck. stfu. don’t get me started.

i have been laying the pipe…

i don’t want to lay the pipe anymore.

well I do…but just in this one girl :slight_smile:

newman and me…we fall in love…everyday

soooo is this really for you or for a friend?

i dunno, give it a shot, can’t really hurt. or you could just be like ‘oh we didn’t try so we never knew what could have happened’ if it were me i’d give it a shot, if nothing else just to get with her ass. to be friends with it.

I knew the girl’s pant converted you two gay…

I say go for it because you will learn your lesson about getting involved so early… Gotta go through it to understand it.

Tell your friend you know someone that goes to school in michigan and works in Nashville almost year round, Girl remains in Buffalo. we’re working things out…so far.

the real question is, do u wanna deal with drama or not :rofl:

haha, pretty much… 18 and distance just sounds pretty difficult

i’d do it tho, no real reason not to if you really wanna give it a shot adam man

ugggggggggggggggggggggghhhh my personal experience would say NO but it’s not as far…so go ahead, lol. :frowning:

that sounds funny to me