Ok, so what exactly happened at that F1 race?

Michelin screwed up tires or something?

And they overnighted new ones, but they couldn’t use them?


Yeah, only guys running Bridgestone (I think) could participate. A nice 6 car event.


Michelin determined after Saturday Practice that the design of their tires was failing under the strain being put on them in the banked turn (only bank turn in the F1 series). Being that the only backups that the teams had were either a softer or harder compound of the same design, Michelin requested one of two things: install a chicane before turn 11 to reduce the speed through the banked turn, or allow the teams to use new tires overnighted from the factory. FIA said no to both requests and the race went on with only 3 teams (6 cars).

In short… Michelin dropped the ball, and hurt F1 racing in the US, as well as world-wide.

EDIT: Rick and I have it on DVR if you’d really like to watch it Howie.

See, its much more dramatic how Michelin pulled it off, b/c its not like they just didn’t race

The race began like normal with all 20 cars off on the warmup lap, and then as soon as the flag dropped, BOOM, 14 cars pull off the track, motors off, and drivers out of the car

F1 is forever scarred in the US, fans shall never return for Indy again :sad:

DAMN YOU MICHELIN!!! can’t really blame FIA since they have retarded strict rules and testing surrounding tires. they wouldn’t have had a chance to test the tires and makes sure they were competative. sounds like a bunch of stuborn people screwed it up for everyone.

There’s plenty of blame to go around here. Michelin in the first place, for having in-adequate tires for their teams. The FIA for not finding a way everyone could be happy. Also, some of the blame needs to sit with the Michelin teams themselves; Michelin held testing for their tires on that track, and all of two drivers showed up.

I hope F1 catches on eventually in the states… but as I once heard a road race driver say. " You can only make money in the US turning left."

or not turning at all…

F1 president and/or FIA --> the :gay:

what kind of sick politic happened up there…michelin wanted to replace the tires, but they don’t allow it…:snky:

I guess perhaps they just don’t like F1 in the US…

Wrong. Michelin’s replacement was also inadequate. They said as much on Sunday. They could have changed tires and faced the normal penalties, but Michelin wanted to be exempt. Of course that isn’t gonna fly. Then Michelin wanted a chicane. Totally unacceptable.

I hate politics as much as the next guy, but in this instance, the FIA was right.

i didnt hear that. that changes everything.

the crap i saw made it sound like it was just a bad batch of tires.

No that was the excuse they gave. Honestly, I think it’s a conspiracy for a few teams to break away and start a new racing series free of the FIA. Kind of like the CART/IRL split, just with international countries.

I’ll post more on my theory when I’m not at work. I have some good info that will make you go hmmmmm.


so true…


now im confused on what’s theory is right…

however, there’s also some “things” going on between ferrari and FIA…is this also a legit theory?




So it appears teh Michelin has agreed to refund tickets to all those in attendance!

That’s gotta hurt the pocketbook just a lil

Nothing compared to how much money they will lose in F1 fan support…