OMG Bike Crash Is Everyone OK? *2018* (Count = ?)


I hope its someone on here so we can make them aware of their stupidity.

Someone just wrecked their bike on the 90 near the 400 either in or causing a multi car pileup. Its blizzarding out. What an idiot.


I just sold my spare helmet to a guy off CL that is planning to go pick up a used 2009 FZ6r from Bob weaver tomorrow and ride it home…


“But it was almost 70 degrees Sunday, doesn’t that mean it’s bike season?”


Studded snows are all you need to rock the rockets.


Geez this started early… should we have a single “OMG Bike Crash Is Everyone OK? 2013” thread?


might be a good idea


Yeah that would help. It’s historically proven on the board that every bike crash produces a new thread. We might as well not fight it and just make a go-to thread.

Is there a news article on this one? Stupidity is starting early this year!


I modified the name of this thread so now we can keep them all here for 2013.

And hopefully we don’t get to many, but so far…




It should be a rule that we have to keep the Sesame St counting theme going in this thread for each new wreck post.





… unless someone on here dies… then it might not be as funny :eekdance:


Depends on how spectacularly stupid they were being at the time. You know, like running from the cops on the 290 at 100+ during rush hour.


Ha! Yeah but didn’t he sign up afterwards and only to defend himself? (Dig a bigger hole?)


I can’t find this article!


Fuck it. Stupidity is stupidity. If I off myself, I want a mass NYSpeed gathering at my grave and everyone to piss on it and say what an asshole I was.


Bam, well said! I will laugh for sure.


That might happen if you die from old age, let alone from some asshat manuever.


If i were you it would be a “when” LOL



I ride my motorcycle every day. Granted it’s only a mile to class, but I’ve found legit dual sport tires very difficult to drift with unless there is actual snow (>1"). Now going too fast and needing to stop or turn in a hurry is super sketchy but I don’t think it’s necessarily unsafe.