That car is actually worth EVERY PENNY!! i seen it at the track and at the chassis shop! looks amazing well put together by professionals
the car does wheelies, 8 second run at the track, then drives home!! that car is fully done

45g`s is high maybe 30max cars loose money these days

i saw this car at a track and this thing flies. GLWS

i emaild him just to say clean ass fucking swap.

wasnt this on ebay a while ago too? SICK car.

Nice other than the color…

car was at the show looks real nice

A much better deal than that $39,995 prelude or whatever. Very nice and clean looking car. But I highly doubt someone will pay that kind of money for it, let alone even if it was on sale for $20,000.

45g`s is very good considering the mods… i do believe they will get it sold but it will be a U.S buyer especially with the exchange rate.after all its a high 8sec or low 9sec cant buy any car of that caliber anywhere in the world for that price…

See, the thing when it comes to cars is…

It’s not about what the car is worth, it’s about what someone will pay for it.

The price is pretty high but at that point the car is gonna be sold for serious money. It’s not a project car, not a first car etc etc… With that price he has just eliminated all the hopefuls, dreamers and ricers. Sweet car though

No1 just looking to buy a clean 240 will buy this car.its gonna get attention from a race team or some richboy interested in buying a turn key 8/9sec street car,sleeper/track ready car.

hey i have picture of this thing at performance world!!

I’ve been to the shop where the car was worked on/built. AMAZING guys, and that thing is just fuckin retarted fast.

45 grand sounds a bit overpriced, but it’s worth every peny!

every real racer knows its not how you stand by your car

its how you race your car.

thats ronnies car from chassis shop in mississauga.
His g35 coupe this summer will make over 1500 whp, these guys do amazing stuff.

That car will sell for sure


You betta learn dat.

Sexy ass car. Wouldnt mind seeing more pic’s if anybody’s got some