? on cf hood and hoodpins

wondering if anyoens run into this before…if your running a cf hood WITHOUT using a hood latch, will 2 hood pins suffice?

ya it should, i have heard of places that sell CF hoods without the hoodlatch, so only hood pins hold it.

someone had suggested running 4, which i thought was a lil much… just wondering if anyone has actually done it with 2 firsthand

Two if you have just the hinges and no latch, on four of you have no hinges and no latch.

cool, i still have my hinges, i’ll go with 2 then thanks

On the racecar I recently did “crew” for, they had three hood pins… that thing was flimzier then something really flimzy… I’d do three and drop the hood latch personally.

I’ve got 2 on mine without the stock latch. The hood raises a little bit but I think i just have to adjust the hood pins down some. If you get quality hood pins and don’t forget to latch them you won’t have a problem.


My hood weighs less than 8 lbs. I run 2 hood pins. As long as they are installed correctly in the right spots, you should be fine for street use ( assuming you stay under 140 on the street). Going 4 doesn’t hurt though. :smiley:

Agreed. 2 is fine if you’re using the hinges. Just install them properly and don’t forget to latch them. :slight_smile:

hmmm was just thinking bout it more, if i don’t have my stock latch then that means anyone could just unlock my hood pins and open my hood, thats not cool at all. i guess that means i’ll be sticking with the stock latch…

If you don’t have to remove the stock latch, I’d use it in conjunction with two hood pins. BTW…some companies do make locking hood pins. I sell the ones made by Mr. Gasket. I don’t like the way they look as much as the Sparco non-locking ones, but they serve a purpose.


also i have seen people use little locks instead of the pins to hold them down

well, thing is i “could” use the stock latch, i’m just gonna have to notch out the hood then, cause for some reason its not cut out to fit around the latch, know what i mean? the “hole” on the hood is too small. how big are the locking ones compared to the sparco non locking ones? i just dont’ want it to look retarded :stuck_out_tongue: