Ontario child seat laws (2 seater)

i saw this link:


my question is, if you have a 2 seater car… Porsche or a 350z, are you allowed to have your kid in a booster seat in the front?

I always thought the answer was no… but in that link is says that it’s safest to be in the back seat, which means not mandatory…

anyone know?

The 2004 miata comes with options; ‘baby teeth’ behind the passenger side that the baby seat straps connect to.
It also comes with the option to turn off the passenger airbag.
I’m sure its legal. Let the little ones stare at the sky.

^I am going to go with this guy and say, if you have a physical “off switch” for the passenger airbag then yes

Supposedly a kid’s weight would not engage the front air bag to begin with, so its technically not on therefore it should be fine…

Whats funny is this guy I know is dating this really really skinny chick she must weigh like 80lb’s, when she sits in the front the airbag light wont show its engaged.lol