Opinion....... c/f or painted?

Thinking about getting in on a group buy for some sideskirts for the fd…i wanted somthing subtle and have always liked the FEED skirts, which happen to be what the groupbuy is on. the 2 variations are fiberglass (which would be painted the color of the car) or c/f… what do u all think would look better? i’m kinda leanin towards fiberglass painted the color of the car, altho c/f would look pretty good too. anywho here’s a pic for reference


Im partial to the fiber glass, CF never really appealed to me, yes its lighter but from far away it looks like you got in an accident and your waiting to have the new parts painted.


yep, painted, although as your car is dark cf wouldnt look bad at all.

just painted would be better imo

c/f is cool, but idnno about for side skirts, stick with painted

If you are getting a CF hood, it might compliment it quite well.

yea i do have a c/f hood…and like chino said my car is darker so it’d work better than on the silver car posted above… i dunno i can’t make up my mind!

edit actually, who’s good at photochop? the car that i posted has my hood and bumper… can anyone change it to my color and make the hood c/f and sides c/f? and then one with the sides painted?

If i had photoshop at work i would lol

i could send u the pic if u want to do it at home whenever u have time?

you can send it to me, or host it and ill grab it

if its a dark car leave it…light car paint it…but the good thing is u can leave it until u have money to paint it…but side skirts paint always

will do jim…hosting it now

sideskirts i say paint

paint it. paint your hood while your at it.

C/F to go with the hood.


That car is Hottt, I say carbon, when they get all beat up or you get sick of it you can paint it then.

here is the pics jay, im still with painted, and i’d prolly paint the hood too, im not a cf junky :stuck_out_tongue:





kinda small cuz i hosted them here, if you need them bigger ill send you them over im or something

Get the cf and paint them. Fiberglass sucks IMO

i think c/f would look good on that color car with the c/f hood