Paul Walker Dies In Car Accident - New: Documentary


Little tribute the F&F crew put together. Right in the feels.



Saw that last night…pretty awesome

The ending gave me the chilly willys


That fucking bitch andora bull has me amazed, even after all these threats and vandalism she still continues to run her mouth and talk shit.


Looks like they got fast and furious on her car. :slight_smile: Awesome.


well, i guess this whole Paul Walker remembrance stuff will be over with the passing of Mandela now…

OOOORRRRRRRR… we’re about to learn a big lesson about what matters in modern social media


I was pondering the same exact thing.


Mandela who? Was she that super model?


It doesnt make sense. The pic of “her” car is the same pic of one of the exotic cars.

Looks like she made it up


National report = satirical website


I’m here now. It’s pretty surreal. [ATTACH]25235[/ATTACH]

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Were there many people there?


So of course people tried to steal parts of the car.


Ever see the stories about James Dean’s Porsche? Anyone who even touched it had seriously bad things happen to them. Freaky.


That’s not the “exact” spot. The one tree had leaves burn off.


It actually is the exact spot of impact.

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But the leaves. They were burnt.


I don’t know if you are joking or what, trolling for a set-up? But here is the spot you took it from:

And here is the spot of the final impact, overlooking the parking lot of “Hypercel”:

Both are on the same road.


i apologize i stand corrected. i was thrown off by the memorial banner.


No apology needed, hopefully you didn’t spend as much time to get there as I did “driving” around on google street view.


lol no i doubt i did.

but i am going to head back there again anyway…