Paul Walker Dies In Car Accident - New: Documentary


You need to make this happen


With brake fluid.


Naw, you can dump anything you want, as long as its a Corona.


Clearly it was an error on my behalf yesterday.


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The only good use for Corona.


Will we hit 10 pages?


i dont know


Shit I only show 5.


Rookies. 50 posts per page is the way to go.


Post pictures of the tuna sandwich you left at the memorial :slight_smile:


Big meet yesterday out there. Did you go walker?


Any of you see this? Paul Walker talking about one more funeral in F&F7
Everyones freaking out talking about he knew/it was planned/etc

Scroll down for the clip

Someone added sound so you cant hear them talking


I did not know 50 was an option.


No one likes the tuna.


From the context I saw, he was referring to Vin.


It was about Jason statham (the one that kills Han ) in Tokyo drift. So now it looks like the 7th movie takes place while Tokyo drift is taking place Lol

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Yea, im confused about the whole timing of the movies


I dont get what is so hard about it…tokyo drift takes place obviously after everything else even though it was technically the third movie. F&F6 brought them together and 7 continues from tokyo drift…

also that scene you can watch if you buy the F&F6 dvd, its a first look thing


I saw the first one and realized I saw too much already.


:tif: since its TMZ but seems completely possible if you accelerated hard and hit one.

It’s funny they used the term “hydroplaned” since no water was involved but hey