Paul Walker Dies In Car Accident - New: Documentary



To soon

I still chuckled

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So… F&F7…

“They have hired four actors with bodies very similar to Paul’s physique and they will be used for movement and as a base,” one source close to production tells us. “Paul’s face and voice will be used on top using CGI.”

He’s back! :oj:


Oh god that’s so wrong


it’ll be interesting.

i wonder if CGI Paul Walker will be a better actor than real Paul walker.

it’s been enough time to go back and talk about him like we did before he died right? like when none of us knew how awesome he really was?


I just saw a trailer for Brick Mansions, it’s really cool that the made Final Fight into a movie.


Just watched the fast and the furious (the first one), its been awhile so I decided to watch it, stupid DVD is scratched so I missed one of my favorite parts of the movie! The Supra vs the Ferrari lol.

Yeah reading about him being cgi seems very weird but I don’t know what to think of it. I always felt like Vin diesel was the main star and its funny looking back and seeing it has always been Paul walker. I guess everyone must of thought he deserved to be in the new movie because he helped make it what it is today.


Full report for the morbidly amused:


And Porsche getting sued:

“The Carrera GT was unsafe for its intended use by reason of defects in its manufacture, design, testing, component and constituents, so that it would not safely serve its purpose.”

The lawsuit specifies the lack of a crash cage, a failure in the car’s suspension, and a lack of safety features in the gas tank.


Entitled bitch looking for a payday now that her sugar daddy is dead.


I am sure that is what Paul and Roger would have wanted.


If the car was modded in anyway then I would think the possibly of porsche having any type of liability goes out the window.


Ding ding ding.



I thought I heard this one in particular was overdue for a brake service and wearing original tires ( 7 years old…) may not go so well in the lawsuit, especially when they introduce the photo of the speed limit sign…


Pretty normal, I’m sure there are several other parties named in the suit as well, and it will probably settle out of court.

I know someone that was working on a case where someone’s arm was ripped off by a pto accessory on a tractor. All the safety guards had been removed from the device by the owner. The original manufacturer and the dealer were both named in the suit. The last I knew of it the case had been going on for over 5 years.

That’s why most of these cases wind up settling, it’s cheaper than fighting it.


Looks like someone didn’t have a life insurance policy on their loved on… or they didn’t get as much of a pay out as they were looking for. Only other reason would be probably 20,000 lawyers knocking at this bitches door.


somebody with his net worth has life insurance even if only as a tax shelter.


You say some stupid ass shit. <3


What it really comes down in regards to the companies settling…they don’t want be known as the carrier who didn’t pay someone’s medical bills and left them in really bad shape for the rest of their lives. Yes, it is easier to settle and pay the money out, but then they look like the good guy in the situation.