Paul Walker Dies In Car Accident - New: Documentary


I’m kinda mixed about the engagement story. It was definitely an awesome gesture on Paul’s part, but the wife basically wanted a better ring? Kinda selfish if you ask me.


Same. But that makes me respect him even more. Dude wasn’t doing it for notoriety, just doing it to help people because it seems that’s who he was. Really is such a shame, still super bummed about it


Real charity is when you’re doing it anonymously and not to bragging about it on Facebook.

And yeah, the more I read about him the more I realize it sucks. So many assholes in Hollywood and this guy dies. Alex Baldwin will probably live till he’s 100.


Great video, defintely shows he was not looking for any recognition for the random act. Not many people would drop that amount of coin to help out others even when they have it to give.


helps pay for ring.
vs rappers/rihanna dropping Gs on strippers.
vs bieber punching ppl, and spitting on his fans… and driving like a douche…

no really… why couldnt bieber die.



^^Because he has the NWO owl tattoo. duh.


Yea Im not saying why didnt we hear paul say “hey guys, I just gave people money”
Im saying im surprised more people didnt boost him up and say “paul is great because ______”

Happens all the time. Someone does something nice and others let the public know via news, FB etc


Kristen Upham said to CBS: “I noticed there was someone else in [the store] and didn’t it much thought, and we started looking at rings and whatnot.” She said the “someone else” in the shop kept telling the couple to “Go bigger,” and choose a ring with a larger stone.

“I kept saying, ‘No, look at the prices,’ ” she said, CBS reported. But she did finally point out a larger one that captured her attention — and that’s the one Mr. Walker bought on the sly.


^but she already had a ring prior to even stepping foot in the store.


He wanted to get her a nicer ring. I swear people don’t listen to the story.


They should sell the ring and donate the money to Paul’s org.




smashy smashy


She’s getting exactly what she wanted from the article, publicity. No one knew who Adora Bull was before this. She’s still poking the bear hoping to get a few more miles out of her 5 minutes of fame with statements like this:

Really, it’s just ridiculous. My car is completely destroyed because people have the poor taste to worship some of the worst movies ever made. I mean, whatever.


Yeah she doesn’t get it. There is a difference between “I really didn’t care for Fast and the Furious” vs. “Thank god this guy is dead because he made a movie I didn’t like”


She sounds like a stubborn cunt. The outcry in response to her shitty article has much more to do with Paul Walker’s admirable actions than his acting career.


dot… some people man, some people.


So this is funny look at the pic in that article…

Look at this one


Looks like their website is just a shitty “parody” site it turns out.

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