Paul Walker Dies In Car Accident - New: Documentary


Does that girl know that Paul paid for an engagement ring for an Iraq War veteran who could not afford it? It was just a random act of kindness.


1320 video posted her article on Facebook along with her contact information so I believe it lol. They don’t have a Facebook anymore and their site was down all last night and I still can’t access either.

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“More than you can afford pal”


First comment is hilarious.



That is pretty funny…


That was my favorite scene of any of the movies, and one of my favorites of any movie, I love how that rich dick eats his own words, I fucking hate Ferraris also, not because they’re not awesome cars, because the odds are high that the owner is probably like the asshole in the movie.


that chick who wrote that article has probably been on suicide watch for years.


Screw that lady. Regardless if you’re a fan of Paul Walker or F&F, to be happy that someone died is totally tasteless and ignorant. Now she wants people to feel bad that she is on suicide watch? Sorry I don’t have any sympathy for the what you brought upon yourself. I don’t wish that she kill herself, but you reap what you sow…


A law enforcement official familiar with the crash investigation told NBC News on Monday that the car was traveling at approximately 40 to 45 mph when it came to a bend in the road where the speed limit drops to about 15 mph. The five-lane road has warning signs for drivers advising them to slow down as they approach the uphill curve where the accident happened.

Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas died as a result of injuries sustained when the Porsche they were riding in crashed “with a fixed object” on Saturday, the Los Angeles Coroner’s office ruled on Wednesday. Walker, 40, died from the “combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries” and Rodas, 38, died from "multiple traumatic injuries.

Both deaths have been ruled to be accidental, the Coroner’s office said Wednesday. Toxicology tests are still pending in both cases and could take up to eight weeks to complete.


^ Source, because I’ve seen multiple sources report that the speed limit sign the car flattened in the crash was a 45mph sign.

A 45 mph speed limit sign was attached to the light pole knocked down by the Porsche.

And 2 hours ago they were estimated 100+, which looks a lot more likely based on the wreckage.



A bunch of trolls on 4chan /o/ got really butthurt when she wrote her original article the other day, this is fucking HILARIOUS


its two bodies horizontal and parallel to one another. still fairly intact from knee up. surprisingly they are not burned by direct fire contact thu… wired.


If a police officer thinks they were doing 45mph, why in gods green earth is anyone getting a speed ticket on the local highways, they are all only doing 15mph!




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Hell yea. This is awesome.


the more I see about him, the better he seems. It seems like he was a down to earth guy who was into cars and happened to be an actor as well.



Guy seemed to be one hell of a good soul.


The engagement story is terrific.


Same here. I always liked him…now just more.
Too bad this stuff wasnt out when he was alive

Latest video showing how fast that light pole dropped…oh…and no drone strike