Paul Walker Dies In Car Accident - New: Documentary


How can a car going 200mph hit a wall and do 90% less damage

yet this thing does 40 and EXPLODES on contact slightly bending a tree


Read an article that said it crushed a above ground gas line. May have had a little to do with the boom.


oh my god i didnt need to see that.


Oh damn :frowning:


I’m not clicking the link.


Would of rather went down like Jesse

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have you ever been to the Bodies exhibit?


I am afraid to click it, but have seen the bodies exhibit


Looks like the ruled out any steering loss. one of the employees of Rodas’ shop said they thought they heard a loud bang like a tire popping and then the crash. but who knows.

there’s a video on cnn of the building next to the accident where it shows the impact of the pole and the tree. and the pole knocking down while the tree just shook kind of. they said during the raw footage that they had 60seconds before any real flames started but no one got there until almost 2 minutes

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i don’t know how many times conspiracy theorists are going to stick the “permanent birth control” thing into their arguments but they should probably come up with something else


not going to lie im prob going to go take a look at the scene this weekend


Definitely Illuminati. The logo of the company that caught it on video is The All Seeing Eye. NWO/Illuminati for sure. Case closed. :slight_smile:


i suspect this is not real on account of no actual photo of the M1 and the fact that the collection is so well procured…

he’s missing an S15, an LS powered FD3s and something obscure and british… a noble or an Aston.


Bing…he has all of that


ah a bunch of crap american stuff in there too… spoils it all.

850csi makes up for it all though

*edit… okay they have the S15


There is nothing crap about Mustangs…especially ultra rare Saleens


We’re they the only owners?


Apparently there is a mix of AE company cars and Walker and Rodas personal collections


Was it those two only who owned AE?

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Fuel for the conspiracy people, this is the all seeing eye logo of the company that captured the video of the crash.


I can’t believe this thread has hit six pages


The author of this article is on suicide watch from all the death threats . . .