Paul Walker Dies In Car Accident - New: Documentary


Dats dat illuminati sheeeeet


Well when you run out of counter-comments attack the poster with insults.

For me, I will continue to post facts.

Such as; there are size and bold options in “go advanced”. 240SXs are RWD. Vehicle dynamics has been part of my academic and professional curriculum, but I definitely don’t consider myself an expert, thus I precede it with “armchair” much like the term “armchair quarterback”.




I will say that Hollywood does display certain things before they happen. It has happened Many times before.


oooookay this is getting weird now…

no one was going to drone-strike Paul Walker… wow


And so it begins

Blame the car :slight_smile:

Nobody needs more than 200hp…


Just came here to post it. More nonsense from the left blaming the device not the user.


I was listening to CNN on sirius this morning and they were talking about how this is a track only car and he shouldn’t have had it on the street. This was coming from a professional racer and car guru… :ohnoes:


It’s crazy the car has so much power it went out of control in an area with a 40mph speed limit

I mean obviously nobody would break the law and go faster than 40mph or do an unsafe start.



Dude’s been dead 10 seconds and it’s already a conspiracy theory.


Let’s hope not…


really? conspiracy theories?

that “object” falling from the sky is clearly the light post getting plowed over


Sheep. Keep believing what the main stream media feeds you.

EDIT: I probably should be using the sarcasm font as I defend the conspiracy. :slight_smile:


Everything about this accident is a conspiracy at this point. It is only conspiracy that Walker was even in the accident until they get dental records.


Wait, the governement killed Brian Spilner? THANKS OBAMA!






Never trust a conspiracy theorist who doesnt understand breaks v brakes when talking about tampering with a car.


Fluid leak ruled out.

Body shot, NWS:


Jeeez ^