Paul Walker Dies In Car Accident - New: Documentary


The more I read about this, the more sad it is…


if the CGT uses Pentosin like my Turbo does then yeah that stuff is EXTREMELY flammable


I’m saddened by this. From everything I heard about him, he really did seem like a genuinely good person.


I’m sorry.


This is like a modern day version of James Dean, even the Porsche aspect.


What do Paul Walker and Ryan Dunn have in common?

Porsche took away their sequel.






They’re a prick to drive. Definitely wouldn’t want an audience on my first try, even though I did…


Tax the rich should make a video of jumping one of those Porsches off a cliff.


THE CGT is an animal according to everyone that has driven one…

Jay Leno spun one out on a race track and almost ended himself.

The Stig as mentioned spun out multiple times before getting a lap.

Jeremy Clarkson had strong words about how difficult the car is to drive…saying essentially that if you make a minor mistake the car will kill you.


Id rather have an f40


Yeah, everyone says it’s an animal:

Leno spun it trying to hit 200 mph at a race track, not driving it 45 mph on a public street.

The Stig spun it pushing it 10/10ths for the power lap on a closed course, not driving it 45 mph on a public street.

Clarkson is about sensationalism and subjective feel and has never been known to exaggerate with his vocabulary or exploit the road manners of a vehicle.

Did the power steering go and upset a car that was already at the edge? I don’t know, but if it did, it wasn’t at 45 mph.


There you have it folks, the genius has done it again.


I wish I could copy and paste like that…I mean bold and bigger fonts…dang.

Its too bad there is no room for a casual comment on an internet forum

But I guess when you race 80hp fwd cars you are an expert analyst on all things automotive


Track days are forgettable, remember that.


Seeing more on Walker over the past few days make me like him even more. Everyone who knew him seem to all say he was a totally down-to-Earth guy. It was sad seeing his dad interviewed too. :frowning:


link to his dad’s interview?

here is a vid off the moment of impact:

TMZ, reporting on stuff that shouldnt be in the public domain :slight_smile:


there saying that something shot down at them, read the comments in the vid,


looks like an object struck the car from above. in the circle where the video is highlighted during slow-mo you can clearly see a white object zip below the tree line at about 2’oclock on the circle. this white object appears on screen before the smoke and before the crash… just saying…

allegedly he knew about HAARP being used in the Philippines and “aid” vaccines given to victims to beta test a sterilizing agent on one million people without arousing suspicion. also both family guy, who had brian the dog killed, and american dad, which had a literal tie in to F & F 7 seemed to almost predict this in a way. boston bombing was alluded to during family guy earlier this year. just giving you all a run down on the buzz surrounding this story minus all the media spin. these are some things to consider. no one in hollyweird just dies it is almost always planned and usually occurs in threes. Paul Crouch- televangelist died this week, fictional character brian the dog, paul walker aka brian o’connor in F & F series, brian terry in the OBAMA Administration’s gun running program literally called FAST & FURIOUS as well as a fictional character on the walking dead named brian “the governor.” walker, walking, paul, paul, brian, brian, brian, and of corse fast and furious and again fast and furious… astronomically high odds that all of this happened by coincidence. closed minded sheep wanna get offended at the information above just bring it on… im just posting a collection of FACTS for your own digestion along with my observation that it appears a white object shot down behind the tree.
-indigo child

dont know if this is legit or not but #paulwalker popped up in a search 2 days before dying… tmz had this story ready to go…
odd they killed brian from family guy, then paul walker dies who plays “brian” in F&F and then Paul F. Crouch, Founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network, Dies at 79…

paul, paul, brian and brian

“Death has a Shadow”

just like family guy and the boston massacre… they keep predicting things…
or some hollywood coincidence…
most interesting story of the year IMO.

looks like things are about to get weird again…


I’ve looked at the video frame by frame and you can see an object below the tree line right before the ENTIRE video flashes white and the huge explosion happens.

The footage was edited, explosions don’t white out a camera like that something is definitely up.