Paul Walker Dies In Car Accident - New: Documentary




taken from another forum for more context:

Also, looking at Google Maps they were not really going anywhere, the street they were on didnt lead anywhere so they were clearly just joy riding around a gradual bend around the corner from their shop; always evolving.

sucks to go out like that.


Saw this last night. Sad shit, I cant imagine how they could of gotten that car fast enough to kill them both and engulf the car in flames/ smashing it into millions of pieces. Either way Rest in peace to a young talented man taken way too soon from this world.


Let’s try “rest in peace” instead, unless that was humor.


anyone else find it strange that he went out the same way Han did in Tokyo drift, it was the ending scene in the last fast and furious movie as well. very sad situation. life is to short


They flipped a car avoiding a crowd while being chased by a gun man?


the crash site is a pretty popular tourist attraction now. Tyrese was there today and the whole street was full of cars and people… considering it is an industrial road there is no other reason for anyone to be there really.


goodnight sweet prince


^ :tup:


RIP Paul condolences to his family.


Westboro nut jobs are at it again


I dont wish harm on many and I do believe in the 1st amendment but all of those cocksuckers should die.

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Pretty interesting and IMO cool to see some car clubs/message boards having meets and cruises to honor a fellow enthusiast in the warmer parts of the country.


It’d be fun to see a westboro protest get shot up… id love to see the headlines “wheres their god now” on the inquirer


Yeah fun and giving the Obama socialist machine another instance to use against the 2nd.


where did it happen? I cant find a location


hercules st. just around the corner from the AE shop.


Looks like the vehicle lost power steering while they were driving and was unable to respond quick enough. i guess there was a trail for quite a distance before the crash site. the car also kept stalling out before they went on their drive. i don’t know how these cars are but i’ve had mine stall out before, and lose power steering and it’s definitely an “oh fuck” moment . i’ve had cars with no power steering but it’s way worse obv when you don’t expect it.
I don’t know if power steering is flammable or not but it would contribute a little to having a RR engine car start on fire

rodas’ 8 year old son try to pull him from the car and since it was so close to the shop everyone was over there with fire extinguishers but the fire couldn’t be put out.

hopefully they just died upon impact.


Man that is sad, that poor traumatized kid.


if that is true about his son then that is terrible but you would think they would have been in that video from the M3 then?


I heard the power steering thing. The stig took 5 tries before he could finally drive the damn car without spinning out. Apparently, the clutch is one of the hardest to drive, ever.

As for the 8 year old, I doubt that. That’s probably originating from the great, wonderful facebook. Where stories get made up all the time. Eye witnesses said that they couldn’t get close enough and you could feel the heat from the fire, across the street.