pittsburgh machine shops?

hey guys, i live in the north hills, so i want something thats not TOO far out of the way

basically i need to have an engine block bored… who does this with good work?

how much would i be looking at to have this done?

next, i need my flywheel turned in a different car because im putting a clutch in soon, who all around here does that?

i have heard that there is a little parts store up on 19 in mccandlass (its right before the subaru dealer heading north on your right hand side) is this true? or are there any other places where i can get this done? once again, what would i be looking at price wise?


we use Jeke Savina in mckeesport

Thats McCandless Auto Parts . Down the road by Sheetz Is a place called C&W Automotive Machine. The guy has been around forever and does great work . Shoot me a pm if you are interested and I will give you there phone #

cool, thanks, i never knew there was a machine shop there, and i drive past there every day

does he just do engine stuff, or will he turn a flywheel also?

They do everything from eng. rebuild to state inspection . Stop in and talk to Ed he is the owner and tell him Kevin sent you. They will take care of you

B&R on Allegheny River Blvd near Verona does awesome work.

We use Greg at GMS Racing Engines … But he’s more bike/diesel than anything

always had good luck with broughers in s.hills about 1 minute from CIII mall.

Station Auto in Coriopolis, ask for Ray, builds all my race motors.

paNX2K&SE-R B&R on Allegheny River Blvd near Verona does awesome work.

that’s where i had my block done, cost me 240 dollars to have my block bored, honed, cleaned, and bearings checked. seems like a pretty good price and they’re very thorough.


I always use Kevin @ KMP performance in west newton (724-872-3235), He’s a good friend of mine too so that helps!!

I usually use Louie at Main Auto Parts in Mckeesport.


Heard Station Auto and Brougher’s both reputable shops

DLK Auto Parts in Russelton (Near Indianola). They have a machine shop, as well as a body/paint/auto parts store (Autocolor Pittsburgh). Jeff Gillen runs the machine shop. 724-265-1020.

thanks, that does seem like a great price

i was trying to avoid them because my father told me he had a bad experience with them back in the 70’s

ill check these guys out, where exactly are they?

i also found a place called ICS automotive on rochester rd, but i was unable to find them when i drove passed, are they still around?

i also drove passed the place on 19 by sheets and i didnt see them, i saw a tobacco shop and a vacuum shop (i think) so where exactly are these guys?

i want to take my block down to someone next weekend and see what they say about it, its a 67’ 327 block, it needs to be bored but i want someone with experience to tell me if the block is useable or if i should buy a new one

Ya Ray has my LS1 block right now and he did Aerokings 4.3 as well. Its Coraopolis which if your not familiar with that is right down the hill from Moon Township

yeah, i know exactly where it is, i have just never seen the building before

is it a napa place?

their website brings up a napa site, but i dont recall ever seeing a napa down there

Yup, just go in that NAPA and ask for Ray, their actual machine shop is in back of the store. Tell him you talked to Bill and he has my LS1 right now, and im sure it wouldnt hurt if you dropped Brandons name as well, 4.3 Syclone motor. He is a nice guy