Pittspeed Fitness & Nutrition thread update:




275lbs to 230lbs

tight in 46" pants to loose in 38’s

wanna drop maybe 15 more lbs. got a membership at the gym, so I’m gonna start lifting. Completly cut out sugar from my diet. Eating lots of protein, hardly any saturated fat. Clean foods, no junk. no refined sugars. lots of chicken, tuna, and pasta. :bowdown:

I’m trying to drop about 5 lbs of fat without losing any muscle. I just started lifting again after a few months off.

175 with a 32" waist


I dont want to be ripped, just cut nicely. I think 210-215 would be a nice weight. I have a pretty big frame.

oh yeah, and I’m 6’0

I’m trying to get cut a little more too, so far it’s working out

just keep with it and you’ll see results in no time. Right now what you eat is more important than how hard you train

Man, I cant get to 200lbs for the life of me. I’m stuck at 180

I could get to 200 in a month, I’m the furthest thing from a hardgainer

bulking has to be more fun than cutting.

start lifting muscle weighs more than fat

that is what coke does man


actually I it off.


Dude, thats impressive. alot of people dont have the balls to undertake something like that, let alone succeed

making me what to go on a diet

Good job Mike.

you still got some cute lil perky titays

congrats on losin the weight, impressive…
im stuck at 210, I dont want to lose weight, i just want to tone up more…

Shit I’d kill to gain 20lbs. I was on a bulk diet for a few months. Gained a total of about 5lbs lol! I was on a 4,000cal diet with 200g protien/carb +40g fat per day. Lifted of course. I think I have someone living in my stomach eating the food.


So thats where richard simmons been all this time

congrats darkstar, going to the gym is the best thing. working out at home blows, you need the motivation at a gym to get you through the rough days.

I have been at the gym for 1 year and 2 months now. I gained 20 lbs (I am 190lbs. now) and dropped a pant size(my 33’s are loose now, but i’m too cheap to go buy smaller sizes). I started out last year benching ~160 and now bench 260.