Pittspeed Fitness & Nutrition thread update:


I think they already did a “True Life - I did coke to get thin.”

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Congrats dude … That would be pretty awesome to be on TV


I am trying something a little different for bench press now. I used to do full complete reps at a medium/avg tempo. Now I am gripping the bar slightly wider and touching my chest and only going 3/4 the way up. The idea is to keep constant stress on the chest as much as you can, and in return you should grow faster. I could tell yesterday for sure it was definitely harder, on average I dropped about 4 reps for whatever weight I used in the past. I figure I will try this for the next month or two and see if I like it. In theory it seems effective and I talked to a few guys that do this and they all seem to like it.


they do work. it keeps you forcing the weight up, it will get you stronger real quick


Well, I’ve got a beer gut, and I don’t even drink beer. I’m 5’6, and starting to near the 200lb mark, so I figure now is the best time to cut down. I have access to a full gym. I don’t want to build muscles, yet, just lose weight. What types of food should I start eating, and what types of exercise are the good fat burning ones? I’ve already cut things like Soda and crap outta my diet, and I drink water like a fish.


try cutting some extra carbs, not atkind dietl but maybe all veggies with chicken at dinner, no croutons on ur salad, etc. you stuiill need carbs…

a full body workout with high reps will keep you toned, and try to do cardio almost everyday if you can


I’ve lost 28 lbs so far. This week I switched to maintenance so my bridesmaid dress isn’t too big at the end of the month. I’ll be back to losing weight after Halloween.


Have you ever tried loading the bar extra heavy and then just moving it up and down in the top 3-4 inches? I used to use that periodically to stimulate growth. It works pretty well if not over used.

A spotter is a must.


if you do that, be careful, the theory is it stimulates your tendons to holding more weight, it can make you stronger, but it kills your joints, i did this for many years, and it hurt me a lot



Im sure this is in here somewhere, but i am too lazy to search it.

What is the best way to determine body fat percentage.

what tool or device should i be looking to purchase


a set of calipers so you can pinch the skin/fat to take measurements


that doesnt seem very accurate to me, what other options do i have for a DIY?


that is the best for a dyi, if you want to spend some money, the best is hydro weighing, they weigh you in a pool to test your bouyancy, it is the best way to determine. but you can a set of fat calipers for like $20 at gnc and a good idea where u r at


Even cheaper.

A seamstress tape and this calculator

It will get you in the ballpark. Use calipers to further fine tune.


I had a DEXA scan done when I was an athlete in college. It gives you body fat percentages and bone densities in each part of your body & it’s extremely accurate. I don’t have a scanner or I’d post it up, its really impressive stuff. It’s pretty rare to find a doctor that has one though. On the bright side, my TAMORA body fat scale must be pretty accurate, as it said I had almost the same bf% as that machine lol.

this isn’t mine, but this is one I found on the web. It breaks it down to show you how much each of your limbs/etc weigh, how much of that weight is bone and how much is fat in grams and as a percent. It’s ridiculous lol

link: http://www.ronjones.org/CurrentComments/DEXABodyScans/index.html


just cutting thoes things out will drop your weight quick.

try to not eat so much if any bread, especially white bread or italian. try and cut back on the pasta as well.

i fight mma so when i need to cut some weight quick my diet has lots of tuna, chicken breast, sweet potatoes. (your body doesnt recoginze them as carbs)

the more cardio you do the better off your gonna be. i dont know what kinda shape your in physically other than the weight but i would say 30 mins or so is good to start out with and work your way up from there. i do about an hr straight every day before my workout even begins normally. and that doesnt mean you have to run for an hour get creative with your cardio it gets boring if your just doing the treadmill everyday.

making your portions smaller is a really good way to get on track. gradually shrink them and your stomach will shrink making you become full faster.

but i would say start by finding how many calories your taking in a day and cut it back by 500. you will lose body fat within a few days. once you have reduced your calorie intake and are doing your cardio im sure your gonna notice some results

hope that helps!


Using the calipers accurately can be tough to do. I tried it and I didn’t have much luck. What I ended up doing was taking measurements of my stomach every two weeks. This is where most men carry fat. It seemed for me while I was cutting down if I lost 1/4-1/2" in two weeks I was doing decent. Just keep a log somewhere with your weight and it is a good place to start. You can try to keep track of your caliper measurements as well if you want. I did and it seemed like I got a little better with using them.


I found out that cardio does very little for weight loss. Cardio is good for a warm up, but to use it for losing weight seems worthless. Building muscle will burn calories 24x7, doing cardio will burn calories for the time you are doing it.


Everyone is different and responds to things differently. You are right lifting weights will help you burn calories even after you are done exercises…where with cardio in most cases you will not. I think the best way to lose body fat is to have a combo of weight training and HIIT. Like you said weight training will help you burn calories during and after your workout. Then typically the more muscle mass one has then the higher their metabolism. For HIIT (high intensity interval training) your workouts are typically shorter that your typical cardio session and as with weight training you continue to burn calories after your workout. Then you add in the fact that HIIT will focus on fat loss (not just calories burned) and with doing cardio one will burn fat and muscle…so this in a way can be counter productive.

For me when I was trying to cut fat I cleaned up my diet which made the largest difference. I also lifted weights 4-5 days/week while doing HIIT 3 times per week. This was somewhat rough but considering your HIIT days can be complete in 30-45 minutes it is doable.


You’re not the first to have mentioned HIIT to me. What would the typical HIIT workout consist of?