Pittspeed Fitness & Nutrition thread update:


x10 on the water. i drink a gallon from 7-3 while at work, the only bad thing is the 15 pissbreaks i have to take.


i still cant get my 500 lb. military press…im so close, it sucks.


Good luck on the 500!

As for the water comments, yes!

I use water at 1x body weight (in lbs.) as ounces and it has helped greatly. 2000 mg Vitamin C, a great generic multi, Twinlab Glucosamine Chondroitin and Twinlab Multi-Mineral seems to be a great supplement as well for an ol’ guy like me.


thanx, tommorrow is shoulders…i’ll see if i can get it


500 for a military press would have to be some kind of record. To stand with 500 pounds and press it above your head id crazy. Now if you are seated I can see it…but I would be willing to bet the back would be arched and the ROM wouldn’t be from bottom to top. When the back is arched it almost turns into a incline bench press with an arched back. I only say this b/c everytime I see someone go heavy on any kind of shoulder press this is what I see…never keeping their back perfectly straight and a full ROM. Either way any 500 lbs press is some serious weight and I wish you good luck and hope you don’t get hurt.


thanx, your kinda right. i always have done shoulders seated, standing presses are good, but you can push more weight sitting. i use an adj. bench, 1 click from straight up, so my back doesnt arch. i come down to parallel…you should never break parellel when doing shoulders, it puts more stress on your rotator cuff then anything when you come all the way down. i go slow, and control the weight, and let the bar touch my nose. keeping the bench like i do works the shoulders great, try it. you’'ll like it.

a bodybuilder named greg kovacs does 500lb. free weight behind the neck presses…umm yeah, he is not natural

…and i use a smith machine, it keeps the bar from floating forward.


I agree on only going to parallel with shoulder presses…I was just saying I see a lot of people not going to parallel and not going all the way up. If you truely keep you back straight then that is very impressive. I still think it is the oddest thing you can SP more than you can flat bench…I have never heard of that.


yeah, but i do it on a smith machine, so its a different feel then free weight. i can do 315x8 with free weight on military presses, i dont like how if you move or slip 1 inch you can dop a lot of weight on yourself, so i do it on a smith machine. it keeps me more stable, and i can bench more on a smith also, but i dont like how it feels


I refuse to use a smith. Sort of how going past parallel can be bad for the rotator cuff…a smith can be bad for your joints as well. It keeps you in a fixed range of motion and takes away a more natural range of motion…in the long run this can do some damage to your joints.


Just an update, I’m down 25 lbs now and rather irritated that Dom lost 17 lbs without even trying :finger2:



I can’t stand the smith machines. I can never seem to get comfortable on them.


I have stopped drinking mt. dew and pop for about a year now, only drink propel and water now.
but since Im no longer working with the moving company I have gained weight…

I think im gonna go on my slimfast & beer diet again.


^^^ Great Post!!!


well, i finally did it, i got my military press of 500lb. it was a good rep, it was real heavy, even on a smith machine. im not gonna do it for a long time, my elbows are sore 4 days later…


nice man…that’s some serious weight. Not that it really matters, but on the smith the bar is counter balanced to weigh about 10 pounds…did you factor that in?


Amazing press, congrats!


well figured I would share this with everyone, heres a email I got today…I have a weightloss thread on a forum thats the #1 in views…

Hi, Dan I’m a Producer at MTV Networks, currently working on True Life – the long-running, award-winning documentary series that allows young people to share their stories, in their own words. One of the themes we’re currently exploring is a young person’s struggle with body acceptance after extreme weight loss.

I saw your pictures in this thread - amazing!!! If you’re interested in learning more about the show, please email mes at: **** or call at *********. Give your name, location, phone number and a photo, if possible.


So I spent almost 45 mins talking to this lady over the phone in new york, they have to bring it up at the producer meeting and theres a possibility that I will get to be on true life next season hahaha!!! that would be awesome!


Sounds somewhat cool. It would be exciting to have a chance to be on TV having a short documentary about yourself. I would like to know how the whole process is for making a show and if they compensate you at all. I guess the subject of the show is pretty legit. I bet they will have a fat girl that got skinny and hot who turned into a slut because she can’t handle having guys offering her the cock on a regular basis. For you I guess it would just be the pressure to keep the weight off and keep looking good. But did you have a problem where your genetics didn’t allow you to lose weight or gain weight too easily…or was it just I eat like shit and am lazy… this is the end result…now I want to change that and eat good and stay active. Not only to look good but to be healthy as well???


the 2nd one…

and on a side note. i hope i can hook up with the new skinny girl that is a slut


good job man… thats some weight gettin pushed around for sure