Pittspeed Fitness & Nutrition thread update:


well, i just left my buddies house that i bench at, and got a 705lb. bench. it was a good clean lift, but the pause was only about .5 second, so i need to hold it a little longer at the bottom belfore i go up.


Congrats…that’s some serious weight. I am going to take an educated guess and say you had a shirt right? Either way very impressive.

I have been in a serious slump lately. I changed up my routine for bench doing lighter weight and 3/4 reps…where I would grip wider than normal and touch my chest and only go up 3/4 of a rep. The theory is it keeps constant pressure on the chest, because the tri’s start to come in towards the top of your rep. I noticed they were harder and I did them for about a month and I could feel myself getting weaker. I then switched back to normal benching and I went down 20 lbs form where I was before. It’s winter now and I am going to be eating a little more so I am hoping to get my strength back and then some. I may start DC or GVT method that I had good results with in the past to help jump start it.


yeah, it was a shirted press. the most ive gotten raw with a pause is 485, with a touch and go, not a bounce, a normal bench, 550…

anyway, try this routine, it works great

take you max bench, lets say 300lb. for examlpe. you do 80% of that for 4 sets of 4…once you can the 4 sets of 4, add 5lbs. to the bar next workout, then do it again, and so on etc…so at the end of 8 weeks, you are actually doing your old max for 4 sets of 4. this workout helped me jump from 425 to 475 when i first used it


Progressive overload routine usually works good. i may try that. I just have to figure out my max now. I know hwat I can get 4 reps for now and have been stuck there for a month.


well, then start there then, but get 4 sets of 4 with that weight, it might take you a few weeks to get the 4 sets of 4, and then once that happens, it does get easier, the first few worhouts are the toughest, its all about getting your body to adjust to the routine, once that happens, the weight increase is so minimal it doesnt affect your reps


Okay people I’m tired of being a little shit. I’m 6’ 1" and 160 lbs.

I want to get a little bit bigger and cut. Not shooting for body builder or football player, just a little bit bigger, and cut out. What would be a good workout for me? BTW, those nasty shakes are out of the question, they taste horrid. Would creatine be any benefit, or will just eating right and working out do the job on their own? I’m a total n00b in this department.


creatine i believe will give you some bulk, but once youre off it, you’ll shrink back down


skip the supplements, they are a waste of money for a beginner. Change your diet to add a little more protein, and go as heavy as you can for ~6 reps at the gym for everything.

After a while, you can change it up and start adding supplements if you find out you are missing something in your diet.


Thanks, that’s good to hear because I was really trying to avoid that garbage.


I wouldn’t call them garbage, but you need to know what you need instead or reading about stuff online and taking other peoples opinions.

I started taking protein recently because I was not getting enough of it with my diet. I only take 1 shake/day and it seems to be enough.


Don’t worry about getting bulky, without even looking at you, your body type is more than likely an ectomorph with the dimensions u stated, you can probably eat anything you want and still maintain the weight. Your a hard gainer. You should lift atleast 4-5 days a week and like one-two body parts a day. Eating is also very important with your build in order to gain weight. You need to go on a high carb/high protein diet. This is just a little summary do some research on the internet, there are plenty of articles that will lead you in the right direction.


Well, garbage was a strong word. I was just trying to avoid them because I can’t afford them and they taste like crap IMO.

Thanks for the input.


I’m definitely a hardgainer. can’t pack or lose weight without some serious training, plateau is my middle name


Thats why you have to work 2x as hard. It all depends on how bad you want it.


Im currently taking no explode and it tastes absolutely delicious.


one of the few that actually tastes good. all you have to do is hold your nose and chug. and now a lot of supplements come in pill form i.e. creatine. and once you get off of creatine it will not necessarily cause you to shrink, as long as you keep working out. a lot of creatine is water weight which is why creakic is a real good pill imo. cell tech works good, but makes me gag. i think maybe some creatine 189 from gnc and just a mild protein would help out a lot. it just helps the bulk start a little quicker and build muscles, and you can go from there


Creatine does not directly contribute to muscle growth. Creatine, first and foremost, increases the amount of intracellular ATP(adenosine triphosphate) which will enhance your workout. It will allow you to lift a heavier amount of weight for more repetitions thus giving you a better workout. This is where the benefits come from. You can take all of the creatine you would like but without a good workout, its not going to help.

It is true that creatine will pull water into your muscles which can result in a visual loss of size when you stop using it but you will not lose any considerable amount of strength. There should be an importance on staying EXTREMELY hydrated while supplementing with creatine because it is hard on the body to digest and excrete.

I still have no idea why people consider a quality protein shake something that they do not need to see results. I have no idea how people will insist they consume enough protein in their diet to put their body in a anabolic state. There is also the overlooked factor of which type of protein to use and when to use it. Everyone instantly calls WHEY protein the best but a fast digesting protein is not always what you need to help grow. If you have any intentions of growing and gaining, you might want to look into a casein protein before bed. Casein protein is a slow digesting protein that will feed your muscles throughout the night.

Another overlooked factor by novice gym enthusiasts is a QUALITY MULTI-VITAMIN. If you think a quality vitamin is something you can find at walmart, you need to rethink your choices.

Jimmy :slight_smile:


So you’re telling me my Gummy Bear Vitamins won’t work? :dunno::yum:


I take the Flintstones vitamins from my kids, they taste like candy :D:D:D


100% spot on. I personally take a blended protein that has Whey, Casin and Soy. Some people watch and take them when needed but I take the easy way out and take a blend.

As for gaining size…you need to eat, eat a lot, and eat clean. I know most people say they eat a lot, but if you truly eat a lot 5-6 times per day of clean food loaded with protein you will gain size. As for lifting it is good to vary what style/form of lifting you do, but in general 5-10 reps for most exercises with heavy weight does the trick. As for exercise selection I say about 75% of them should be a compound movement (shoulder press, benchpress, deadlift, squat, rows, pullups, lunges, etc). Isolation movements (curls, lateral raises, triceps kickbacks, etc) tend not to put on much size (in general). Here is a great site if you are new to lifting…just click around and read everything you can…you will get a better general view of how to put on size.


Also here is a great site with loads of info.



good luck!