Pittspeed Fitness & Nutrition thread update:


Pretty good info, but zac, you dont have to eat clean constantly. He’s 6’1 160, most definitely an ectomorph, probably blessed with the super skinny wrists and long arms, a few of the not so desirable characteristics of your body type. While eating clean will put on good weight, it is not bad for you to add fast food into the mix. Eating 5-6 meals a day is good, and try to squeeze anything you can in between those meals, such as fast food. For a hardgainer, it is good to eat fattening foods considering they will not harm you at all. A double cheeseburger from mcdonalds has about 23 grams of protein and 40 grams of carbs. A double chesseburger and a protein shake would be a great small portion for you, if you are out and about. Dont worry about getting “fat”, becase you will never have a problem with being overweight in your life. You gotta eat, eat, eat, and when youre done with that, eat some more.


sounds like you know what your talking about…

So I am 5’ 11, 215 lbs just started going back to the gym after 3 years off at the end of december. Going 3-4 times a week and hitting 2 muscle groups a day. Currently taking No explode pre and a whey shake post workout with multipro 32x multi twice a day. I have been trying to supplement my 3 normals meals a day with a balance bar in between. Im not trying to get huge, im just trying close to where i was in college and lessen my beer gut! any tips?


Drink at least a gallon of water a day.

Eat breakfast, it truly is the most important meal of the day. It will feed your body after hours of not having anything to eat which results in a catabolism of muscle and a slowing of the metabolism.

My best advice is to stay consistent in the gym and have a plan of action with goals to attain.


more hockey?


question for you DECLINE bench guys

How far of a angle declined do you get? My decline on the smith machine has been going up really well and i’m happy with that, i’m just hoping i’m not too far declined

I am more declined than this pic i found

I am abit more like this

does it really matter? And is it better to vary the angle anyway?


the first pic is the right way, the 2nd is too much of an incline. also, when you decline, make sure the bar touches the bottom of the chest, not the middle.


oh ok, i’ll have to drop my bench down a notch or so. I do touch bottom chest i just am alittle more declined than i should be i guess


does decline do anything more than normal flat bench?


It changes the degree that the muscles used in the movement are emphasized during the movement.


so basically, nothing.


I can’t get used to the feel of decline bench, it just feels weird to do.


I wouldn’t say nothing but to the average person its not going to feel different or make a huge difference in growth. It is supposed to help with the growth of your lower pec area. If this is a weak point then try doing cable x’overs and touching your fists in your waist area.

I have never liked decline bench pressing movements with barbells or dumbbells. I was always stronger declining than I was at flat bench but I never felt like I was in total control of the weight. I tried doing it regularly with dumbbells but I just did not like it. I was doing cable x’overs and decline flies instead of presses to give my lower chest area a workout.

I know that people are going to disagree with me. I have always been a firm believer in heavy traditional lifts for mass such as bench, squat, deadlifts and so forth. I add some isolation exercises into my workout for my shoulders, arms and core but that’s about it.


Because of the way the weight is lifted. You’re pushing it less of a distance and using gravity somewhat to your advantage. Just like a normal person will put up less on incline bench versus flat, you will put up more on decline bench versus flat.


Its the difference in motion and muscle groups used that makes you bench more on decline than flat. everyone i know puts up more on decline than flat and more on flat than incline. Its the area of the muscle you use.

After a decline day my chest feels different than a flat bench day/etc


I just do a few sets of dips for lower chest :slight_smile:


decline benches are great for improving strength in your flkat bench, it helps you with lower chest, and triceps, as well as it puts a big focus on your tendons.


I have been running 5-6 days a week 5 miles per day at 6.5 min miles like it is nothing… I somehow jumped on the scale today and I weigh in at 170lbs wtf?

In a serious note wants hockey ends in march I will be trying to put on some mass!


DAMN!! SO close to joining the 300 club tonight

flat bench, 295 tonight. I’m so pissed i couldnt quite get 300 but its a new best for me so i cant really complain. Not bad for 160 lbs


yeah that’s a good way to screw up your knees. been there done that and i think i’m gonna get a bike


i know you lost a lot of weight, and that is awesome.!!

now that you lost the weight, your metabolism is catching back up to you. the gain could be from running, it does build muscle. if it is from just gaining weight, vary your cardio routine. looking at a scale doesnt gauge how you look.

that is a pretty lift. i dont know how you lift, but next time, try this to get 300x1.

warm up 135x12

a lot of people tire themselves before they max out.


I did 135 for like 10
185 for 4
225 for 2
265 for 1
295 for 1
then tried 300 and failed :slight_smile:

I think i may have been able to get 300 if i would have went from 265 to 300

My working sets are usually 245 for 5-6 now and i do warm up 135/185/225 before hitting it