Pittspeed Fitness & Nutrition thread update:


Are you still planning on having surgery? If so, where are you going for it?


I would like to but I have to find a new job 1st. which brings me to my next problem. Who wants to hire a guy that is 100lbs overweight. So the plan is to try to diet and exercise again. Financially there is just no way I can have it done


That really sucks man. Getting into shape generally isnt the cheapest thing easier. I think its ridiculous that natural, whole and low fat foods tend to cost more than the regulars but thats America for you.


You could start your 6 month doctor supervised diet now, so you are that much ahead once you find a new job. Magee has information sessions which are free to attend. You fill out a form and the doctor looks at it later to see if you are a candidate. At the info session, they give you the forms for the 6 month diet for your doctor to fill out (or you can go to Magee for lifestyle classes). If you don’t have insurance now, it’s only $20 a month for lifestyle classes and they fill out the diet form there.
As far as finding a job goes; I don’t see why a company wouldn’t hire you unless you aren’t able to do the work. I suppose some companies might be trying to maintain a certain image though, but that depends on your line of work I guess.


Isntt Magee a womans hospital?


Being overweight is a stigma, most people dont talk about. I havent always been overweight and i can tell you people treat me differently now.
Have you started your program? Got anymore info on the lifestyle classes?


It is called Magee-Womens Hospital, but they treat men as well. They have an excellent bariatric surgery center.

No, I just entered a research study and my pre op requirements may be met through it. I have to wait until I find out which group I’m in for the study, then I will either do one on one coaching through the study, lifestyle classes or see my primary care doctor. It seems that I have “pre diabetes” so I’ve got to make some big changes soon. What info would you like about the classes? Here is a link with a list of the upcoming sessions. You may want to call to see if there are others that aren’t listed though. I don’t think the one I attended was on the website. The phone number for the office is 412-641-3632. When you fill out the initial assessment form, it will probably ask if you have a preference for a surgeon. Dr. Courcoulas is the chief of the program and will be doing my surgery.


Whats the deal with body mass index calcs??? you enter your weight and height and from that it tells you if your normal or overweight…

5’8" and 165 and it says i’m just overweight…are u fucking kiding me? i’m lean and ripped…overweight my ass i’m skinny. these things dont mean shit i guess so why have them?


They aren’t accurate for muscular people.


BMI doesnt mean shit. BF % is the number to worry about.

Ive bottomed out my weight loss with my lowest avg at 136lbs, down from 148, and am just starting to put muscle weight back on. Im back up to 140 hoping to put on 10-20 lbs via clean and strict dieting and maintaining 6 workouts a week.


honestly, a gym costs $30 a month. thats all you really need to spend to lost the 1st 30 pounds or so, once you plateau, then add supplements, different foods, etc


I dont know I can’t find a Gym for 30 bux a month. the diet is going well but it is tough sometimes…like wing night


These pants are a 31" waist and were probably about an inch big for me when I bought them but now theyre just way to big

Attempted back shot (hard to do by yourself lol)

still trying to eat pretty lean since Ill be on a beach for SB but once I get back hopefully I can change somethings up and start bulking


How long do you guys think the ideal workout should last? I have gotten into a decent routine where I get to the gym at 5:30 am (when it opens) but I can only get a 45 minute workout in because I need to have time to get back home and get ready for work so that I can leave no later than 7:00 (I won’t take a shower in our gym’s disgusting bathroom). Do you think 45 minutes of lifting/abs 4 days a week is enough or do I need to consider going in the evening so that I can get a longer workout in?


I have workouts that are 20 minutes and workouts that are 90 minutes. It all depends on what you are doing with the time. I try to keep moving as much as possible and rest very little when I workout, I try to get my cardio as I am getting my strength.


If you go all out theres no reason why you’d need more than 45minutes. Im normally there for 2 hours if I lift with someone but I also do like 45min cardio daily and an ab routine almost daily.


Yeah, I try to do two exercises at a time with opposing muscles. That way I have very little downtime between sets. I can usually get through about 8 or 10 exercises w/ 3 sets of each in my 45 minutes.


I need input from some of you guys since a lot of you seem to be pretty knowledgeable regarding nutrition and exercise. I just started P90X this week and I am enjoying it so far. I started at 6’2" and 210 and I am hoping to get down to 180. Based on some information I read online, I am trying to take in only 1200-1400 calories a day. I was talking to a guy at work and he said that the 1200-1400 is far too low if I am working out for 1 hour to 1.5 hours a night. Essentially, I have been netting about 700 or 800 calories if I take my total intake less my workout burn. Is that too low?


Everyone is different. See if it works, you should drop only a few pounds a week (I think). I need a lot less calories a day now that I am old to maintain the weight I want. When I was younger, it didn’t matter how much I ate.

Your body will let you know what you need.