Pittspeed Fitness & Nutrition thread update:


i am still losing weight. lost almost 35 lbs or so thus far. still keepingmy bench up also. i will have a bench meet here in a few weeks and i will see where i stand for the big meet coming up in a few months.


Just noticed this thread, figured Id chime in. Started working out for the first time in about a year this past September. Started at 150lbs and a noticeable amount of flab. Heavy drinking, mostly beer, plus a shit diet and little to no exercise was my downfall. Well after cutting out all fast food and actually paying attention to what I eat and working out 5 days a week for pretty much every week since the start of Sept. Im down to about 138 with my muscle definition starting to show. All my lifts have been steadily growing but I know my diet is really holding me back. I just havent been forcing myself to keep a steady intake of good food to help me gain some mass and keep my nutrition up but Im working on it. Ive just recently started stacking Controlled Labs White Flood and Green Magnitude for my pre-workout supplement and am EXTREMELY pleased with the results. Ive also switched from teh GNC Wheybolic Extreme 60 protein to the Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold and have been pretty pleased. But heres some proof



Started Diet today. for those that know me and the weight gain Ive gone though in the last 5 years you know this will be difficult. Unfortunatlry my weight has started to limit me. I am trying the 4-3-2-1 Diet and will be posting weekly updates. I am hoping not be flamed of have my balls put in a vice by some of you guys but I am sure some will. The 4-3-2-1 diet is what is used on the biggest loser and those are the results I am seeking. I know it is possible because Ive seen burnyd do it. My goal is to drop 100lbs by july 4. A lofty goal I know but I think I can do it. Any advice/ tips are appreciated. My current weight btw is 364… yes thats right. Anyone that would like to join me that would be great. I could use some support … and I am more than happy to help others.


good luck joe! hard work and the right mindset will get you to your goal no problem


good luck joe


Good luck man. Where do you live at? I would be interested in running if you want, I’m always looking for people to run with.


Joe, good luck theres plenty of people who are in the same boat as you… good luck I know you can do it… if you need anything lmk.


how tall are you?
how old?
any major health/body issues?

all affect your diet and training.if you ar just a guy let his weight slip, advice is a lot different from if you have an issue that needs worked around.

here is a simple plan that should work if your semi healthy except bodyweight…
weigh yourself weekly, same time every week. give yourself3-5 lb goals
diet is kore important then cardio, lifting, anything. you are what you eat. hard means hard, soft is soft. example-bread, pasta, candy, potatoes are soft, which eguals fat
chicken, fish, eggs, veggies, fruit are hard, whci help lose fat if eaten. start slowly, do not jump inot a full fledged diet paln from day 1. gradually increase diet resrictions. this will help you from hitting the diet plateau. any specific questions, pm me. i am very well versed in nutrition-diet-exercise


thanks for the help
I am 5’7" and 38
Most of this weight gain was over the last 7 years. I had a 3rd shift job and ived out of vending machines. in 2001 I was 185 now I am 365 that is riduiculous. I’d also like to mention I tried the Subway diet once and lost 83lbs about 5 years ago but since gained it all back and then some.
Also I started walking for 30 mins a day. I would like to find someone selling or giving away an old exercise bike .


Start my diet / work out regimen today. I let myself get in the comfort zone and packed on about 60 lbs. Hoping to lose it all by may.


started my whole workout / diet yesterday… Can’t move today feels great!


I hear ya calves are sore from cardio


everyone starts in january…key is to keep doing it…my gym has sooo many new people, come march, all are gone. set easy attainable goals, and give yourself time to reach them. dont push too hard or you will burn out, and lose desire.

i am still enjoying my recent strength program. i have added a lot of weight to my bench, and barbell curl, and squats…i cant wait for april-may, when im done cutting down, to see how much mass i still have. as long as i get the 6 pack showing, i will be happy. im trying to see if i can get the 6 pack at 255lbs or so, we will see.


I know I’m probably going to get flamed for this, but…I’m starting a 6 month medically supervised diet soon in order for my insurance company to pay for bariatric surgery. I am either going to do lifestyle classes at Magee hospital or I will be getting one on one coaching through a research study. I have to wait about two weeks to see which group I will be put in for the study.


That is actually why I was laid off, 2 weeks after I informed my employer I was starting this procedure I was laid off to avoid the claim on their insurance.


That’s bullshit


wtf??? You were laid off for that?


I think you might have some legal options to deal with this.


That really sucks to hear man, Im not sure what you can legally do about it without proof though.


you guys wouldnt belive the stuff my old employer did. but we did have 4 employees get the surgery in 5 yrs. causing his premiums to go up