Pittspeed Fitness & Nutrition thread update:


your right, that 400 lb guy is why it is getting banned. america needs the quick fix instead of working for it…


it takes metal tuffness and dedication to make it to the 1% of people who look like
me. 90% of you don’t have the correct info, nor the courage to embark on such a one sided journey. i’ve been training for close to 20 yrs and like all who look like me have taken the long road.
you pussydix all want a quick fix…there is no such method, as even with steriods you
must still keep a clean diet and train optimally.


shut the fuck up! someone plz :ban: him before he makes another post


ok, now your in my house. sit down and listen with respect. what courage? i can guarentee you would never finish one of my back workouts, your not strong enough. nor a bench workout. i would start easy, go 135x25 for warm-up, then 225x15, 315x8-10, then see you struggling a bit…then id through on 405x6-8, watch you try it, then laugh. remember there is always someone bigger and stronger then you…i am that guy. lifetime drug free, over 30 trophies for winning bench press and deadlift contests, and a few from squats. i was top 3 in 2006/2007 state of PA lifetime drug free benchpressers…
i have a paersonal best of 725lb. bench with a double denim shirt, 51o lbs. raw with a touch and go, 475lbs. with a full pause.
i have hit a 500lb. military press on the smith machine, i know its a smith machine, but it was still 500lbs…
you will not beat me any lift of any kind, tris, bis, shrugs, squats, calves, you name it, you’ll lose…get out of my house


do you think you’ve done a huge service to the forum if i do get

no, just like in life you havnt done shit.

atleast with me posting some of these dead threads come alive,
shit sinse i’ve been here i single handedly upped thread counts and views 30%.

no go put a cold compress on your gut and pull the recliner lever.
your workout is over.


read my post please, i told you get out of this thread, its mine


oh em gee!
your a fukkin imbred yeti is all you are.
go eat some tuff actin tanactin you meathead…
this is a fact that i’m not sure you know of…
a swimmers body will pull more pussy all day than a
porky over sized powerlifter…
you ever see a power lifter run a marathon? no, never.
your not an athlete, and you secretly desire men.

i’m a body builder, (much harder metally) and all the power lifters ask me what they should eat when they see me at the gym. i tell them mcdonalds.


btw, post a pic of yourself arnold.

lets have a little e-pose off.

bring it dont sing it sally…oh post yor trophies too.


actually fucktard, i used to natural bodybuilding also, i also am not a blob…and arent swimmers mostly gay??? you want a gay body?? glad to hear, it explains a lot…how is it harder? please seriously explani. i mean give me an honest answer. you cant. try and get ready to push 700+lbs off your chest, noo, that doesnt take mental toughness, everyone does that, i forgot. why do you think more people try bodybuilding then powerlifting, bodybuilding is easier. watch you diet, cardio, lift, thats it. try and add 200 pounds to your becnh, call me when you do…ask some of the guys who met me, i am far from fat…





judging by that comeback, ill take that as i win. nice try, stay in the other sections please. by the way work on your forearms and shoulderwidth, just giving a little help there sport…


dayyum son! i just fucked up “your house” huh?
don’t play yourself hillbilly…i havent even begun to warm up.

yeah i’m 40, and took that pic right now…
if you’re in your 20’s and can’t post pix to
beat a silverback gorilla in his prime, then please quietly get out
of my jungle little boy.


im 33, im here in Pgh, if you want to see me, come down here, ill give you my address. and like i said, you need shoulders and forearms pops…


you sound like charlie browns teacher…wonk wonk wonk

post them pix sizzlechest…lets see those nice bologna tits with gyno,
and that oozing back acne that make the girlies all wet in the twat.

hows my aim?

shit! peep this scenario, when you go to sleep tonight
your girlfriend will sneak out of bed and you’ll catch her elbo deep sluggin herself in the pussy
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lol…yera mess!


well, i just a form in the mail for a bench/deadlift contest august 5th, in hermitage pa. i think that is going to be my contest where i give 750lbs. a shot…

and i am shooting for a 700+lb. deadlift too…

as for now, i have been putting on weight getting ready for these contests, i am about 280 right now, and i will start cutting down to about 255 or so.


Holy Jesus. That is insane. Did you lose any range of motion in getting that big?


not much really, i have been big from lifting, i usually stay lighter, but i need to bulk to add some strength.


well, my bulking phase for the contest is over, hit a new high on bodyweight. 292lbs. yep, i got big. i decided i am going to cut down to the 275lb. class, there is a state record of a 675lb. bench i want to break. i will then get back down to about 240 lbs or, and maybe start competing in the 224 class, i like being this big, but i really have no movement. i definitely got a belly now, but the problem is my upper body. i have no movement at all. i need to be more flexible. my chest is now pushing 58 inches, which is too big. when i was 240, it was 52-54, which was big, but at least i could wipe my ass!!


well, i have managed to slim done some since my bench meet, and should be at normal weight be december or so…

i really really want to try a bodybuilding show when im cut down, i figure since i had so much size, it should be a smooth transition. me and my lifting buddy who does5-6 bodybuilding contests per year figured out if i got down to 4-6% bodyfat, i would be somewhere in the 215-maybe 220 range. which seems like alot, but considering most bodybuilders my hieght step on stage at 275lbs+…but im doing natural, so that isnt a issue


Anyone ever hear of Carbolin 19? Ive been taking it now for about 1.5 months and Ive noticed a small difference. Its supposed to slowly shred fat and help to maintain lean muscle mass.

I switched my workout from strength training to endurance since Im going to the Air Force in November. I was 217lbs about 4 months ago and mow Im down to 195lbs. I lost a good bit of size and strength from the weight loss, but whatever, I dont really have too much of a choice. But anyhow, I believe Carbolin 19 has worked soo far. I just ordered another bottle.