Pittspeed Fitness & Nutrition thread update:


try nutraplanet.com


A little off subject,

but has anyone tried Myoshock yet? ive been using it for a few days but am not sure if i like it that much or not. I can feel a little bump in energy but idk if its worth the money or not


i have it, and i like it, but i also take nano x9 hardcore with it, it makes a big difference


maybe ill have to try that out. thanks


I just started taking Protein a few weeks ago. For the past 5 years or so I weighed 180. I weighed myself one week before taking the protein and was 181, 2 weeks into the protein, I was 190, now I am 195. I did not get fat, my pants are a little loose now, but holy hell. Is it normal to move up in weight that quick?

I did move up in weight for most of my exercises, but I don’t think I put on an extra 15 lbs of muscle. Is it water weight?


More than likely the majority of that is “water weight”…let me explain…

Your taking more protein, your body breaks down that to form new muscle, as such the process requires water to facilitate the conversion. So it will hold onto more water in an effort to facilitate the process.

out of that 15lbs…up to 5lbs of it could be waste in you system (shit/undigested food/etc) Add onto that a couple lbs of water and 7-8lbs in three weeks is possible, most people tend to put more effort into their workouts when taking supplements.

Another thing to keep in perspective is that unless your using the same scale each time, the numbers are arbitrary(much like a dyno vs another dyno)


the shit/undigested food is always there, that should not increase by taking protein.

I can see water weight adding some but 15 lbs seems like a lot. :dunno:

I am definately happy that I started taking it and don’t really care how much I weigh, i was just curious.

I do use the same scale


it can from finally giving your muscles the protein they have been needing all along. most people who lift dont eat enough protein. at least 1 gram per bodypound, i personally do 2-3… when you get the protein, your muscles will absorb it, which then leads to them swelling a bit, which leads to a quick weight gain. give it a few weeks, it will come down a bit


Just recently I started up a new routine. Going with German Volume Training. I think I posted it on here a little while back. Basically you write up a split where each day/body part(s) you have 2 workouts. For example you may have a chest day and on version 1 you start with flat bb presses and use db incline…then on version 2 you start with incline bb and then go to flat db. After that you pick your main exercises and you will do 10 sets of 5 with 60 seconds rest (use a stop watch). The key is picking a weight where on your last few sets you truly struggle to 4-5 reps. If you hit 5 w/o a problem you went too light. Then after you do both versions for each workout you then up the weight and start it all over again and go 10 sets of 4 with 60 seconds rest….then after you go through that you go 10 sets of 3 with 60 seconds of rest. You then start all over again and this time you up the weight with whatever you first started out on for 10 sets of 5. For example on flat bench bb presses you may want to up the weight 15lbs or so…then you go through it all over again. This is pretty taxing on the body so I will probably take a week off after completing this. Just figured I needed something different to change things up.

Also on my off lifting days I want to start running sprints and what not. Maybe some shuttle runs, bleachers, etc. Figure this is a good way to lean up a little…my body responds well to HIIT.


does anyone follow crossfit.com or uscrossfit.com?

I try to follow crossfit but it is a lot more olympic weight lifting oriented… the exercises are intense but typically well rounded. I am only doing it for fun / daily exercise so i take it pretty easy… i’m not a lifter by any stretch of the imagination.


I :love: teh crossfit.

my little brother is hardcore into it, i just do it for a change every now and then. It’s a badass routine.


I read about it. From what I read people who do it love it. Here is a site that has loads of info on Crossfit training. I am sure sometime down the road I will give it an honest try and see how I like it.


Problem is trying to find a place that has everything you need to do the exercises. I know my gym doesn’t have Kettle balls, gymnastic rings, large tires etc…but I am sure you can still get a good routine in with typical gym equipment. If anyone on here does do it post up your routine I am curious to see all what you are doing…there seems to a ton of interesting exercises…and the design of the routines seem to be fun.


uscrossfit.com is a little less olympic weight training and a little more just general hardcore workout, but i do follow crossfit.com.

I agree on the equipment being limited… although a friend made his own rings to hang on a pull up bar at home. anyone that can do a series of muscle ups on rings has to be a beast or weighs nothing. typically there are optional exercises, for example how many of us do have a 300 lbs tire in the back yard? so they suggest a series of shrugs and squats in place.

check out some of those videos on the competitions they have… the work outs are insane and everyone pushes to the limit. I found the aggressiveness of the workout really makes or breaks it. going full throttle the entire time vs. taking a break here or there is what is the difference between real crossfitters and people like myself :slight_smile:

crossfit.com is a daily blog of each exercise… if you load the page the center section is the daily workout… they post their times / results on the community board… kind of a neat setup to work out using the internet. I try to follow their routines and usually find myself pretty blown out pretty fast.


I do this routine once a week.

5 pullups
10 pushups
15 bodyweight squats

do this cycle as many times as you can for 20 minutes.

It hits all of the main areas and is a pretty intense cardio workout also. I can’t catch my breath for a good 30 minutes after the workout.



wanted to see what the community thought…


if you are looking for an easy way out, you fuck up your liver and die. Sounds good to me. maybe now, these lazy fucks will need to bust their ass instead of expecting a pill or supplement to do all the work for them.


i have taken that procuct for over 4 years with no problems, and i also used to take xenadrine when it had ephedra. the problem is not use, it is misuse.
Of all the people who died from taking ephedra, none were in a normal gym envoronment. korey stringer, vikings lineman, 330lbs, 100 degree summer camp, hmm, wonder why ephedra killed him? that pitcher from the marlins? same thing, and the 1 guy who did die in a gym from it was wearing a sweatsuit while in a sauna…

anything you take long term could damage your body. the key is to cycle it on/off, and drink water. i have taken supplelments for over 15 years, and never a kidney failure, stone, problem, nothing. people need to understand how to use the product. it is a shame responsible people can not use something because of idiots.

why is it when a supplement can possibly harm you, the public screams outrage, fda pulls it, etc…cigerettes, alcohol, and fast food kill more people in 10 minutes then any supplement ever will…


I have just gotten back into running and have been pretty consistent like I was 2 years ago when I lost a bit of weight.

I joined up on mapmyrun.com which is pretty cool because you can look at other runs around PGH and keep track of the other runs.

So far this week I’ve done 11.5 miles and 15.1 over last 7 days.


I know we have different views on supplements but I do agree that moderation is key.

I picture a 400 LB. guy who eats 5 big mac’s at every dinner, never going to the gym, drinking a diet pepsi, and taking a Hydroxycut to lose weight. The kind of people who expect a pill to fix all of their problems. And I say fuck em.

If you go to the gym and work out and eat healthy and need that little extra to get over a hump, then a supplement may be a good option. I started taing protein about 2 months ago because I could only lift 1 muscle group every 9 days or so, they would hurt to bad. The protein cured that but I only take 1/3 of the recommended amount.


every body is different. the directions on the bottle or package mean nothing, you take it how you feel it helps you the most according to results.