Pittspeed Fitness & Nutrition thread update:


Are you running for extended periods? The best way to lose fat is interval training. What I do is stretch, walk for a little while, then jog for a little while to warm up. If I am at a track I pretty much walk roughly 1/2 lap then jog another 1 1/2 lap for my warmup. I then will spring the straights (100 meters) for 10-12 reps while walking the turns (100 meters). I will then run bleachers to finish it out. This will take roughly 30-40 minutes total with warm up and cool down. You can do other things like shuttle runs or something but the idea is to sprint for like 15-30 seconds then walk/job for 30-60 seconds and repeat. Your overall distance will be less than conventional jogging/running but you will burn more fat and less muscle. When you do cardio for an extended period of time you have to keep in mind you will burn fat as well as muscle and with interval training the focus is more on fat. There are studies that show that with high intensity interval training (HIIT) you will burn fat after you are done training.


I’m ok with losing muscle as I was quite strong back in highschool and do not want the bulky look any more. I would like to loose muscle and fat. The running surface makes little difference on my shins…I can try the walk-jog-sprint stuff but even just walking gets rather painful on my shins after time so I’m not sure if that will help.

I will be continuing my cardio on a machine in the morning at the gym, I will also attempt walk-jog-sprint but if that fails my question is if running for 10-15 min at a time is even burning enough fat to be worth the pain it causes?


My wife works at GNC and has told me about the packs. It seems like a good idea to put all of the vitamins in one pack, but it seems expensive to me. I take the mega men’s sport multivitamin, vitamin C, fish oils, and a probiotic every day and just buy it all separately. I am not sure what all is in the vita-pack, but I know that it has the mega men’s sport. It would be much cheaper for you to just look and see what vitamins are in the vitapack and buy the bottles separately. Even with my wife’s discount the vitapacks aren’t worth the money. They are really convenient though and it would make it easy to get all your pills together, however if you have time to sort pills yourself, I would just go that route.

Have you tried a bike or elliptical?


Would you recommend that say, after playing hockey late at night. Dont get home till 1am but starving. Does lean protein fill you up? As opposed to eating leftovers or fast food.


yes it will, drinking beer will not!!


Yes…as stated most of my workouts are at the gym on the elliptical…

I’m not looking for any other methods of working out but was actually asking about the fat burning process and if my supplemental workouts are helping more than they are hurting…


I gave up ranch, and dark beer…except for those two guiness i had…it was st pattis day!..but that’s a start right?


mmmmm beer.


haha you are getting there!


yes, always eat protein before bed, a can of tuna, a plain chicklen breast, a protein shake…and vitapaks are a ripoff, just buy mega man sport

actually guiness is a light beer, it is only dark because they roast the hops, which give it the color, and use notrogen, which makes it denser, it is the same or lower in calories then a corrs light, also a low aclohol content too…



guiness actually has many more calories and carbs than Miller Lite or Coors Light…and a higher alcohol content also


tuna everyday can become bad for the body. ill ask my mom what it has in it that will do it. but i used to do it, and my mom(supervisor of dietary program at west penn) said not to. maybe 2-3 days a week tops


Can be high in mercury, but that is all I know of that is harmful


I see. Vitapaks are a good idea in theory, but as has been stated are not cost effective. I just saw they were BOGO on gnc.com+ 20% off and free shipping. SO if I want to start taking more than just a daily multivitamin, that would include protien supplement after night sports, a fat burning element and fish oil? I guess, whatever that does. I haven’t had time to research this much.


best source of protein before you hit the sack is cottage cheese!


if you dont want fish oil, buy a multi oil. they are good for heart health, memory, joint motion, and stomach health. go to gnc, buy a mega man sport, a multi oil, and a jug of protein, it will be under $100

they make vitapaks for convenience, if your really busy they are convenient, but you can just buy a pill carries for .99


I get a multi off bodybuilding.com, its probably going to be cheaper than GNC, they have a warehouse in PA so shipping is usually a day or two for ground



it’s right off of campbells run road. they have pretty good prices.


I checked out their prices and depending on what you are getting www.dpsnutrition.net is cheaper with shipping. But it is withing a few $ anyways so I guess it isnt too big of a deal anyways.


They use to have pretty good prices but over the past year I have noticed them increasing so I don’t buy from them anymore. I use nutraplanet.com or bodybuilding.com when I order but I also browse around the more well known sites for specials. anabolicminds.com is not too bad either for information on supplements.