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Wow! Thats a nice MR2. Probaly one of the nicest i’ve seen. Nice work,:slight_smile:




My First
My Second
My Dads


that mr2 is so clean!

and i also really like the sti^^^ huge fan


you might wanna clean your car because i just came all over it…omg so sweeeeet


dont let Burnyd see the Mr2 hell wreck it just by looking at it


really feeling your sti and z3 hatch. My dad has a z3 and its fucken bad ass. A def fun car to drive. Looks good what you did with the E36. Not a big fan of that gen besides the m3. Im looking to get myself a e30 325is when i graduate as a beater…BMW’s def make bad ass rides…


Here are some shots of my 91 GSX.
I second the comments about the black mr2 above. incredibly clean!


Nice MR2! Hell even its garage isn’t to shabby.

Its been awhile, figured I’d post my heap again since its sporting more ricey stickers and someone actually got a good shot of it.



…where is the fast driver?


Imola Red M Coupe… love the car and the color. I was close to buying one before I bought the S4.




This is my import for the next week.


lol… who is Burnyd?


some ranch dressing bathing douche


i went to a spec-v meet this sunday, here are some pics with my lip kit on. and a few other updates


Sold the integra, New Hatch.Sorry for large pics. Didnt get a chance to resize. Just got done detailing it.

Needs some new rear tires.


nice hatch…You didnt have that integra too long. But nice hatch really clean. What color green is that? Its hot I like. What motor is it running or is that top secret?


Yea the teg was nice and was in good shape but i like this hatch much better.


wow…that thing is sick… how much you want for it?? i want a hatch and that color is awesome!