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Thanks but i plan on keeping it for awhile. Its a clean car and runs pretty good.


beautiful car! Gotta say I like it a lot more than the teg.


wtf rob, where you finding these clean ass honda’s. Is it a d series still or does it have a swap in it?


nice rob


Haha thanks.


New car looks really good. Definitely better than the Teg.


I agree.:slight_smile:




I made 300 @ the wheels with my old 2.0L 20/g set up. I am now running a 2.5L block with wrx heads and a Blouch Dominator 1 turbo. Bascially a FP green with a 49 pound Garret wheel. I have no idea what i am making as the car is being opensource road tuned.


I like that paint.any more pics?


Hard to tell but the black is actually java black pearl. Black with a lot of yellow pearl in it. Works well with the yellow.


really like your bug eye wagon^

i just got an 02 sedan myself. they are awesome cars with some pretty decent stock power. i wont be doing anywhere near as much as you have haha, but i like it. i will post some pics as soon as im done detailing it and the weather gets nicer


Thanks, Very nice that you have the 05 trans. A little stronger than the previous years due to wider gears. What ecu are you running ?


I just finished rebuilding the motor in this thing


everything is stock. its just the stock 04 ecu. i love the car though, and ive only had it for a few days haha. how long have you had it for? you must have out in a lot of hours with it haha i really like the 2 tone


Wow yeah that hatch is really clean. No luck in finding the Contours??


Yea… my brothers trans in his 03 WRX failed the day he was selling it… took it to get rebuilt… guy forgot to put enough fluid in… failed a week later after selling it to another guy… car only had around 60k on it, stock turbo with some cobb tuning stage 2 programmer.

Guess the older trans were a weak spot.


[quote=4doors5gears;710134]Wow yeah that hatch is really clean. No luck in finding the Contours??[/quo

I got a deal on it and it runs pretty strong so i figure i’ll fun with this till one comes my way.


I destroyed two 5mt’s before I went to the sti six speed.


Does the STi 6 Speed bolt up to a 2.5RS or WRX motor?


I got in in sept 05 and you are right’ lots of hours put in by a lot of people. Just so you know the ecu mapping of that 04 ecu pretty much demands engine management if you start to mod it. The closed loop/open loop fuel mapping will cause issues as soon as you start to remove cats. IE: up pipe/ down pipe. There are plenty of free opensource maps for that however.