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Summer 09 set up…for now…pic is “supra-sized” sorry


Fuck dude, my laptop froze up for like 10 mins trying download those gay pics. Why would you take pics with a 1mp camera then resize them to




Image Editing > You


Whatever i didnt mean to make them that big lol, well i took it to the dyno today, it made 295whp/350wtq @ 5200rpm, 13psi, Def. more than i thought it had in it…


What??? That crashed up Supra? Those are good numbers, not sure what mods you have tho.


Mods are 3" downpipe-Exhaust, no cat,muffler, or egr, Turbo xs Dual stage, solid mounts, thats it.:burnout:


that is it for mods…I actually took him to the dyno that day…and almost fell over when I saw the numbers. he got the car for cheap too.


Just goes to show, Looks have no affliction on how a car runs, after i get the Fuel Cut problem worked out, i will def. be running up at PRP this summer to see what she runs, i figure if i get traction i’am hoping to see low 13’s


Very impressive!


Well I believe it… those cars are anywhere from 190-200whp stock… prolly gain a good 7whp per psi you go up to on a stock ct26…and the intercoolers on a MkIII Are pretty efficient as where they are located…

I actually seen your car down at the water front well atleast driving behind you the other day… you really really want to fix the front of it.

I am contemplating getting a MKIII Due to I can fit my hockey equipment inside of one… its a tight squeeze with my mr2 the t-tops have to be off lol, so if it rains I cannot drive it with hockey equipment.


Burnyd, is an MKIII one of the old style Supras? Like the boxier ones? If so, I have been driving past one at a garage on Painters Run Rd. in Upper St. Clair for the last few weeks on my way to and from work. Not sure, but it might be for sale. It’s red and seems to be in pretty good shape. I can get the name of the garage next time I go by if you’d like.


MKIII is 86-92… yah definatly I will have to check it out. thanks


guys, can you cut us a break and make a circle jerk toyota thread please? kthxbye


Here are pics of both my two talons and my friends rsx


some recent pics… last time i posted i think I only had the greddy turbo installed… this is the gt35r and some other shit…


couple newer ones

and when i click on your attached pics either my computer is fail or they are not working.


new pic of my MR2




Is that the supercharged BMW motAr?