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It’s a 4.2L Supercharged Jag motor… but I think BMW owned them in some way at that point, hell I don’t know. :wink:




It’s been awhile but…


that MK1.5 is friggen amazing!


what wheels are on that


My 2005 WRX

![ 3 dyno summer 09.jpg]( 3 dyno summer 09.jpg)

![ stage 2 summer 2009.jpg]( stage 2 summer 2009.jpg)

Go mods:

Forced Performance 68hta
DW’s 650 injectors
GrimmSpeed EBC
Walbro 255
Cobb Turboback
HKS uppipe
ect ect

Tuned by Chad Block of CBRD SpeedFactory


Sportmax 002’s if i’m not mistaken.


It’s still a ford motor. Sugar coating eh :slight_smile:


Couple recent pictures…


1996 Toyota 4runner Sr5
-V6, 5speed, 4x4
-TRD Supercharger
-TRD Clutch
-TRD Brakes
-TRD Exhaust
-TRD Wheels
-TRD Suspension
-Old Man Emu Springs

My inspiration once I pick up a new DD



thats such a clean hatch


Jaguar designed that motor before Ford had anything to with them. In fact the 3.9L V8 found in the Thunderbird and Lincoln LS (along with a good deal of their suspension… ) we’re all taken from Jaguar and a lot of the parts are interchangable with the “S” series Jaguar and the motor can also be found in the XJ - my dad’s 2000 XJ has the 4.0 (Jag ran 4.0 and Ford used the 3.9)


Nice hatch, RickSi


Thanx guys.


Ford continued to use the product.


yup, but it’s still a Jaguar original design therefore it’s a Jaguar motor used by Ford…


who did you buy that hatch off of


Some new pics of my MR2


:bowdown: I effing love Mr2s