PS3 or 360 which one?


To my understanding you needed like a 50" tv or bigger to notice the difference between 1080p and 1080i anyway.

Not me…PS3. Got it and love it. NHL2K7,Tony Hawk Project 8,NFS Carbon, Call to duty 3, Resistance Amazing games. My nephew has 360 and i’ll give it this it is nice. I love the NHL07 shooting features. But i dont like how ya had to buy extra cooling fans to keep it running cool. Ah well to each his own. 360/HDDVD or PS3/Bluray Both great

you dont, any of the systems that had that issue are being replaced by microsoft. no need for fans. ive had my replacement system from MS for a while with no issues at all :tup:

Fans? Have mine tucked in a cabinet on top og other electronics, no problems at all.

PS3 for the win


/ of story

but you’re only 17 so…

No poll? PS3 gets the nod from me, but I’m sure this will just end up in a never ending argument. If you had xbox before, get 360. If you had PS2 before get PS3. If you had both before, well I guess your just a baller and should get both again.

actually 20

360 now…but only time will tell how the PS3 will take off.

clearly im dumb but yeah still young and silly.


Well that’s cool then. I just know that my nephews had a 3 fan attachment too it and it still gets warm.

i loved my 360 before it broke but financially wise you have to take into consider ation that you dont even get the hd cable with the ps3 in my opinion it just seems like they are on equal levels the value of the 360 is just the huge difference maker

yeah, those are unnecessary and some people even had more trouble because hooking up the fans screws with the power actually going to the 360 itself. if hes having trouble with it, call microsoft and they will tell you what you have to do to send it out and get a replacement. problem solved :tup:

i also say 360.

I love mine, play it all the time and xbox live is awesome

Umm yeah ass try 20

I love the 360. Gears of War is the best game ever made IMO. I just play the multiplayer; it never gets boring.

gears had its place but its a motherfucking glitch fest