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anyone know where to get c16 ?


Bolea Oil in Coraopolis, 50gal only.


MPMS top of three mile hill by me!!724-547-3373 John


steffs stop selling turbo blue when they bought it


The Turbo blue at the Planet Mart on 356 was going for $6.09 a Gallon yesterday :rant:


Its been like that for a while… I can’t swallow that to run my red hatch :bash:


Salem Oil, 445 Prospect Street, Salem, Ohio has Sunoco/Cam 2

Citgo, 2335 Harlansburg RD, New Castle, PA 16101 has some generic 110 octane. It’s ok for the street, I don’t recommend it for the track or a high compression vehicle though.


where can i buy 55 gallon drum of c16"?


MPs 724-547-3373 John


what about 94?


Purvis Brothers in Mars.

Valencia Mars Road…

They sale all kinds.

I am going for VP Motorsports 109 highest octane unleaded they have

54 gallon drum $507.92
30 gallon drum $301.08



slight change for 2007
campbells sunocco in north huntingdon now has
112 leaded
100 unleaded at the pump
current price for either is 4.99


is that the 1 across from pizza & gyro ?




Just picked up 5gal of C16 at Purvis in mars. 13.088/gal. $67 for 5 gal. :nuts:


race fuel comparison chart-

since there is a big difference in fuel prices(5-14 per gal)


I get my VP race fuel from Tony Barone in Level Green. I’ll be headed out there next week to pick up a drum, if anyone needs a drum I can pick you one up.


how much for cam 2


He only carries VP fuels


you can run “leaded” if you take your cat off, right?