~* Race Fuel Locations *~


it will destroy your o2’s ask brian about that in his pewter SS the last time he was down this way in it.

i remember pulling up next to him asking him if he needed me to stick around til he got a tow truck cause it looked like it was going to explode on the side of the road… but he gimped it back to mt pleasant with burned out o2’s


lead ruins o2s, cats, and plugs up platinium spark plugs

most people just replace the o2s and run copper based plus w/o the cat.


run an FJO wideband and you can run stright C16 or VP Import all day long…, I usually get my gas at the Sunoco in Irwin, but never again, im just going to get a 55 gallon drum of C16 from Brains guy.


how long does it take the race gas to ruin o2 sensor???


where is this sunoco at? i went to the sunoco across from where bob thomas used to be. they want 7.00/gal for 104 or 110 it’s in drums


don its the one right beside Bubba Darius Restaurant


:stick: i don’t live out that way, i don’t know where stuff is. hold my hand when explaining where it is. coming from gburg is it before jacktown hill or after. before spitz? or after.


yep they suck -thank god for 2 spots in irwin

clay pike road -north huntingdon

off of banes lake road or rt 30 to robins staion to clay pike


i know where robbins station is, i just did some work on that rd, but where is clay pike?


okay then from robbins station

first light at circleville vfd turn left
1 mile on the left is cambells sunocco


Anybody carry methanol??? I put an alky kit on my Buick and am looking for sources. Just ran up to PGH Raceway on Sat. and picked up 5 gallons at $4 per… Frank Tedesco said there was a place somewhere in or near Irwin that carried it, but he couldn’t remember the name…


ohh well i just figured u knew that place since brian likes to eat there

can u handle them directions, or do u still need some1 to hold ur hand to get there


Jims sunoco in New Brighton. Cam 2 110 octane 5.50 gallon


Roberts oil in Bridgewater carries Turbo blue. I forget the price.


Paid 5.85 at Purvis Bros. yesterday for 109 Unleaded Turbo Blue.

BTW, they have 109 Unleaded Turbo Blue
like 111 Leaded Turbo Blue
and 118 Leaded Turbo BLue Extreme


Thats where I get all my methanol for the typhoon.


I lied, they didn’t buy any for this season.


This sounds like Denunzio’s Sunoco. I just checked last night they have this, 104 unleaded and 110 leaded at $7.00/gallon.

It is only available when their service shop is open.


campbells sunoco - 5.49 for 112 leaded now at the pump
4.99 for 100 unleaded

fuck denunzos 7.00 110 octane in a drum


Any body know the locations for E-85???