Ready for a per-mile gas tax?

As if the 63 cents per gallon you are paying now wasn’t enough…

“The system would require all cars and trucks be equipped with global satellite positioning technology, a transponder, a clock and other equipment to record…”

I can’t wait to hear Stroked and Joe defend this.
It will be even better when they defend his taxing of the oxygen we breathe.:lol:

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says he wants to consider taxing motorists based on how many miles they drive rather than how much gasoline they burn

This would be a replacement for the gas tax. I’m all for it. It would shift the burden from people like me who drive 250 mi per week but still burn 20 gallons to people who drive 1000 miles per week and burn the same amount. For anyone who drives a performance car, this would likely SAVE you money.

So young and naive.:slight_smile:

Maybe every single citizen should just have a government employee to follow them and watch their every move 24/7.
It would ceratainly employ at half the country right?

so old and jaded.:slight_smile:

It would save me money big time. No tax on the gas I burn in the boat, snowblower or lawn mower. Big savings on my two gas guzzler vehicles that both go well under 10k a year with very little highway use.


they would still tax gas, r u fuckin kidding me, they would never stop taxing gas, they will do both eventually, and we will all bend over and take it in the ass.

I will post this again for anyone that missed it…

“The system would require all cars and trucks be equipped with global satellite positioning technology, a transponder, a clock and other equipment to record…”


What burden would it shift? You already burn small ammounts of fuel so you pay little tax.

This really screws over people that do drive alot, bought fuel effecient vehicles, and now won’t see any of the benefit from them, cause uncle sugar will still get his money.

I see an easier idea. Require a yearly safety inspection for all states (yeah yeah, more fed government, whatever) and report mileage on the vehicle then. Calculate tax, add inspection fee, pay it.

Have an option for estimated payments quarterly or monthly and then settle up at the end of the year…

It could work. Not sure I really want it, but I’d rather see that than a GPS…

Its a scam to breathe life back into the airline industry :tinfoilhat:

fuck that. your getting turned into a prisoner. they know where you are every second then.
:tdown: to the idea.

The problem with your idea is they want to charge different amounts based on type of road and time of day. I’m guessing discounts for non-highway travel and off peak times.


That would be great if their only goal was to tax you but, how would they record your every move?

Say i get 12.5 MPG. A little low, but not completely off. Say Fagison McFag with his '93 Geo Metro gets 50 MPG. I drive 250 miles per week. He drives 1000. We both burn the same amount of gas, and pay the same amount of tax to maintain roads right now, even though he uses the roads 4x more than I do. This would correct that. Not to mention, help to save performance cars because it would make the cost benefit of owning a fggt econobox less.

And there’s no way the public would go for this if it didn’t mean getting rid of the gas tax. We don’t just accept huge tax increases on a federal level. Instituting it would be political suicide.

:lol: at the people freaking out about the GPS.

Do you have a cell phone? Then guess what… they already know where you are. Wireless Enhanced 911, might want to read up on it.

What about cash? Do you still use cash? Probably not. Every time you use that debit card you’re like hansel and gretel dropping bread crumbs through the forest. Get me a subpoena for your phone, credit card, easy pass, shopping cards, banking records and internet activity and I’ll show you a map of your life that would probably terrify you.

I will smash someone in the face since I drive atleast 35k a year.

It will never… ever… ever happen.

Seriously, if you want to see what the government sees if they want to, on a more basic level, try signing up for Google Latitude. Big brother is already watching you if they feel the need.