Recommend me some summer tires

The Pirelli PZero Rosso’s that came on my S5 have definitely seen their last summer. I was happy with them performance wise and they were nice and quiet on the highway.

Leaning toward the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S despite some serious sticker shock (255/35ZR19 aren’t cheap no matter what) . Don’t need ultra max performance (not autocrossing or tracking the car) but I enjoy the spirited drive and the extra grip/control of a good summer tire. Also not willing to sacrifice ride quality or noise for a little extra performance. I ran Hankook V12 Evo’s on the GTO and was happy with them, but in terms of ride quality and quietness the GTO and S5 are in completely different leagues. I’m afraid the V12 Evo 2 is going to come across a lot harsher on the S5 compared to the GTO where the muscle car background was loud enough to hide a harsh tire. Any other suggestions?

I put these on my Wifes ATS and had a set on my G8 that was supercharged.
Been very happy with everything that Ive bought from General, including the 35s I just put on my truck.

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Looks like General copy/pasted the Ventus V12 evo. :slight_smile:

Yea I think they’re the harbor freight of tires, just made in the us…

Put the 4S’s on my m340i and I am loving them. Maybe the best summer tires I have ever used.

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“The Harbor Freight of tires” is not a confidence inspiring endorsement. :joy:

Kind of like calling Olive Garden “The McDonalds of Italian food”.


Ultra max performance isn’t a tire category.

Extreme Performance Summer are auto-x tires.
Max Performance Summer is still pretty aggressive (this is the Pilot Sport 4S)
Ultra High Perfomance All-season and Summer is probably what you want for a good price point.

General are owned by Conti, not Harbor Freight.

I’d suggest the FK510 if you don’t back to back test them against the Pilots. Dry is fine unless you are trying to double on ramp speeds then the sidewall is a little soft. Wet is stupid good.

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I really like the Firestone firehawks. I’ve put them on a few friends cars and they all loved them. The price is hard to beat also.

Ha yea didnt mean the quality part, just the price and copying designs. Although some of my HF stuff seems to have outlasted my nice stuff…I’ve got a HF motor (honda clone) on a snowblower that’s outlasted its briggs predecessor.
The Falkens @fairgentleman_Z recommend seem right there with the generals on performance but I’d pocket the extra $80.(yes I know conti owns them)

I ran Conti Extreme Contact Sports in a 245/40/18. I was very pleased with them compared to the Dunlops that came on the car originally (wasn’t an S5 obviously). Quieter on the highway, more compliant around town, but overall grip levels were impressive. And the price…

Also a great tire in the wet if that is a concern.

How are you going to pocket $80 when the FK510 are $11.96 cheaper for a set of (4)?

$100, we must be shopping different vendors.

In the size I need:

Probably going to go with the Falken just because I’ve run a couple different Falken’s on other vehicles and had good luck with them.

i keep going back to the Michelin Pilot Sports. They’re OEM on my cars and i’ve always really liked them.

mind you i havent tried anything else similar.

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My mistake…must have fat fingered the width.

Ordered the Azenis FK510’s last night. Got an email from DTD with a flash sale, $100 off 4 plus a 40 rebate using your DTD card so figured might as well. Won’t be too much longer and the snows will be coming off. $573 after taxes and rebates seems like a good deal for 255/35/19 summer tires.

How’s the life of these tires? I’m considering pulling the trigger for my S2000 with the stock AP2v1’s I just got my hands on. I really love my General G-Max tires on my GTI but from I’ve heard, when they heat up they don’t perform as well. (But they are typically like $150 or so cheaper than Indy500’s) Just having a tough time deciding.

I also want the Michelin Pilot 4S but I just don’t want to come up with an extra $150-200 for those over the Indy500’s. I just know they are a solid choice for a tire. (Kid on the way so I have to be smart about money)

On a daily summer car, 2 seasons if your alignment is good.

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Or you can be like me and get 5 years out them… by driving your car less, lol.

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That’s what I’m expecting to happen. I think I put about 3-4k on my S2000 last year. I had my fun in the last one I owned. This only sees nice weather now. (no rainy days typically unless I get caught out with the car)