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So a woman decided to run a stop sign this morning and crashed into the passengers side of my Audi. Not a hard hit but pretty badly damaged the passenger’s side door and some damage to the rear quarter. My go to for collision work has been Aero Collision in Lancaster but after talking to them they said it would be over a month to get it in. I’ll probably just wait for them because I’ve always been happy with their work but figured I’d check to see if anyone had other highly recommended shops.

Call Mike at west here collision of Lockport. Tell him Zack sent you. He will get you in next week. They do all my customers, family and my personal vehicles. The one lead tech is a close friend of mine. Has every certification made for auto body.


i would recommend asking the audi dealer who the Audi Certified Collision Center is.

NOT who the Audi dealer’s preferred partner is, but who is actually Audi Certified.

May not be as much of an issue for an our of warranty vehicle but for a late model car that may have aluminum or composites definitely inquire with the Audi Certified shop.

Also, Every good shop in North America is booked out minimum 6 weeks+.

In any major market in Canada and the US the top shops are now charging 1 hr labor for estimates, refunded into the bill if you repair there.

reference check:

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Only if you don’t know people. I funnel probably 50-70k of work through that shop I recommended. Anyone I refer gets priority treatment. I just called them for a M5 I’m working on. They taking it in Monday.


Nearest Audi certified shop is in Cicero, NY so not going that route. Zack, thanks for the hookup. I’ll follow up with him shortly.

there’s no audi cert shops in the 716?

seems like a big opportunity. Though, the Audi/VW program tends not to be as rewarding as the BMW/Merc programs.

Both are trash TBH. I’ll take a tech with 20 year experience and fully icar certified over some kid who just finished bmw body school.

None for a long ways. Repair shops yes, collision shops no.

At this point just waiting for APD to upload the police report so State Farm will sign off on the 100% responsibly of their driver and then I’ll get in touch with Zack’s guy.


Just had my official statement with State Farm and they immediately admitted 100% fault and cleared me for getting my repair started. Called and left a voicemail for Mike at West Herr and did the @HouseS2K name drop so just waiting on a callback to see when I can bring it in.

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Mike at West Herr has been great so far. Called State Farm and since they’re State Farm authorized he basically took over the claim. He’ll be handling everything with insurance going forward. Stopped by after work and got the pictures taken, said a lot of the parts would likely be direct from Germany so that will be the biggest delay taking anywhere from 3-7 weeks.

That’s really not bad. I’m currently waiting on an accessory drive belt that is expected to take 4+ weeks.

After you left we looked over the M5 and it needs a new carbon roof. Only 9800$ and 25 hours of labor :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Yikes! Curious to see what the final bill will be on mine.

Lead times and cost for collision are crazy these days. This is $5k worth the damage, lady blew a stop sign and ran into the side of me. Parts are like 8 weeks.

I had to stare at the pic for a moment before seeing it.


also there will be a MAJOR decrease in the number of technicians in collision. demographics mostly but also because the trade doesnt get much hype and doesnt pay quite as well as other trades though it can be quite good for hustlers.

Make you sure claim diminished value. When you go to sell the car it WILL be worth less since there is an accident on the books. The insurance company needs to cut you a check for the difference in resale value. I would expect this to be $3500-4500 on a car like yours… (even if you plan on keeping it forever pocket the money).

Yep, planning on it. Looked into it some and can’t do much until I have the total for the repair because that’s a major factor on calculating the diminished value.

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thanks, didnt think of this

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jelly that you boys can cliam diminished value. we cant do that up here.