Red Top sr20 not getting any oil to turbo.

Brand new to the 240/ Sr scene just a heads up.

So I bought a 89 s13 with a redtop sr20det in March off a guy who lived in brampton before joining this group. When I bought the car I was told it just needed rear tires for safety and nothing else(not the case) . 2 hours after I had bought the car the turbo blew up on the drive home around woodstock (I live in london). After finally getting the car home and taking stuff apart my friends and I got a used T25 turbo on the car. We primed the turbo before turning the car on and after we primed it we let the car warm up for about 10 minutes. We drove the car for 45 seconds and the new used turbo blew up. The next day after taking the second turbo off we discovered that there is 0 Oil getting to the turbo from the block.

However, when we have turbo lines disconnected oil will shoot out of the side of the block. I checked the oil lines and everything else and non of them were clogged. Oil pan is not dented, however I have not actually taken the oil pan off yet to check inside.

I bought a t28 Turbo and it won’t bolt up to the aftermarket ISIS bottom mount header or the stock down pipe.

Literally any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated as i’ve owned the car for 3 months now and have only driven it for not even 2 hours.

Welcome! This forum is pretty slow these days but you could try posting in Nicoclub, zilvia, or nissanroadracing forums for a faster response. I’m sure there are other forums that may be more active as well.

replace the oil lines and go from there, most likely a small kink in the line.

If the line is not kinked, then you most definitely have an oil pump failure. You have pressure at low rpm, but not any higher, thus turbo failure. Change the pump.